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Friday, October 30, 2009


My memory is seriously being compromised and the only consolation is that one day I'll be able to hide my own Easter eggs! 

I understand that this is one of lifes' little hardships that are common to all of us who reach a particular golden age. But the knowledge that misery loves company doesn't assure me--not this time. 

 Now a days, the i-phone has literally become the little white string that generations before us tied around their fingers in order to remind themselves of a task that they didn't want to forget. 

My i-phone goes off all day long alerting me of things on my "To Do" list.  I can put it on my i-phone calendar, set an alarm, and even write notes about it right in the phone.  But the reality is, I find myself going back and replaying these messages many times over. 

It's like my brain has become a sieve...as soon as it registers, it's gone. Is this normal? 

The hardest part of this process is that although I've regarded myself as a highly organized individual, unless I know where I've organized it, it hardly matters. I spend the better part of a day searching for where I organized something--is it in the i-phone, in the computer, in the desk drawer, in the bookshelf, on our kitchen counter....it's an endless stream of organizational madness. 

For a while, I thought it was due to the fact we relocated in Germany and I hadn't yet gotten used to where to store things.  But, now, six months later, I can no longer deny it--I am memory challenged.

Before such high tech devices, while I was an educator, I used ball point pen on my palm to write notes to myself.  I later joked that it was my palm pilot.

I am realizing that with my palm pilot at least I knew where to go to retrieve information.  Perhaps I should return to my "Old School" remedy?

writing on your palm

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