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Monday, October 12, 2009


Starbucks logoImage via Wikipedia

I am not, nor have I ever been, a collector. Some people collect vintage patterns and material, antiques, DVD's, dolls, cast iron toy soldiers and you name it. I always thought of it as a useless pursit. But now that Starbucks has city mugs, I have changed my mind.

What will I do with all of these when I am either out of room or no longer able to travel?

A Starbucks coffee shop in Leeds, United Kingdom

I'm sort of hoping that when Starbucks is long gone (it could happen) that this city mug collection that I've just started might make one of my grand or great-grandchildren a nice little bundle. Or at least they would never be out of coffee mugs! Meanwhile, I can have my favorite cuppa and look forward to securing a new city mug during our travels. I just may have to get a larger kitchen to display them though. Germany is not known for large kitchens so my collection will have to be creatively displayed. Watch for a future blog with a Starbucks City Mug chandelier!

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Frau said...

Too funny I started collecting them too. Just got one in Barcelona. Have to say I'm jealous of your Los Cabos one. Last time we were there, there was not a Starbucks!! I love them I gave a bunch as Xmas gifts from Bremen to my family full of German chocolate last year. I love them.

Expat Traveler said...

I guess I don't care to collect them from around my city here but maybe I'll just have to start doing that.. lol. I like those mugs by the way, but they are a pretty penny!

Expats Again said...

Now that's a great idea for a Christmas gift, Frau! Thanks for the wonderful idea!

Expat, I agree they are overpriced...just like everything at Starbucks. :-(