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I am married to the love of my life and am finally able to shower him with all of the attention he deserves. I am now retired and living the life here in Europe. I am an American, he is an Australian, and this is our second overseas address. The first was Shanghai, China and now Munich, Germany. Come along and live the life with us as we continue our adventure of discovering all Europe has to offer.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009


    HA! I haven't exactly been everywhere, but as the map above shows you, I have managed to cover a lot of territory. There are still destinations (too many to add) I hope to visit in the future. One is Jordan with my son and his Jordanian wife, and the other is Urguay with my eldest son and his Urguaian wife. Africa is a continent we haven't explored yet, but we have a grandson who is crazy about monkeys of every kind and I forsee an African adventure ahead. Alaska, South America, Iceland, and Russia are still unexplored by us.

    Years ago, we made a vow to each of the grandchildren that they could pick one destination to visit with us. Our eldest grandson chose Shanghai, China and his brother chose Hawaii. There are other grandchildren coming up (8 and counting) and it will be interesting to see where they choose to go.

    As you can see, we consider travel a priority in our life. The world is vast and destinations are limitless. We could never live long enough to see all we want to see or do all we want to do, but we are very thankful that we have done what we have. Our world view is based upon our travels and the people we have met. We are used to ideas, beliefs, and cultures much different than our own and we value that. To us, the opportunity to stretch ourselves and get out of our little world or comfort zone is as necessary as having air to breathe.

    Yes, we have been fortunate that my husbands' career has taken us to many of these places. It sure helps the pocketbook. But where some couples spend on cars, cottages, boats, and other toys, we have chosen to see as much of the world as we can. It is what fuels us and predicates us.

    We know that for as much as we've seen, there is much we have yet to experience.

    I've been journaling about most of the places we have visited or lived for the last 12 years. One day, when we're too feeble or old to continue our passion, it will bring back many wonderful memories. Something we can look back on with much pleasure together.

    Here is a list of some of the "PLACES WE'VE BEEN," (our favorite destinations are starred.) They are listed in no particular order other than by continent or country.


    Australia: Brisbane

    Austria: Vienna*

    Australia: Cairns

    Austria: Innsbruck

    Australia: Melbourne

    Austria: Salzburg

    Australia: Port Douglas*

    Greece: Santorini

    Australia: Sydney

    Belgium: Brussels

    Australia: Surfers Paradise

    Belgium: Antwerp

    Australia: Gold Coast

    Belgium: Bruges*

    China: Beijing

    Bulgaria: Sofia

    China: Guanzhou

    Croatia: Dubrovnik *

    China: Hong Kong

    Croatia: Split

    China: Shanghai*

    China: Urumqi

    Denmark: Copenhagen

    China: Xianshan *

    France: Paris

    Indonesia: Bali *

    Italy: Venice*

    Indonesia: Kuta

    Germany: Frankfurt

    Indonesia: Surabaya

    Germany: Munich

    Indonesia: Jakarta

    Italy: Assisi

    Indonesia: Denpasar

    Italy: Milan

    Indonesia: Seminyak

    taly: Naples

    Japan: Kyoto

    Italy: Padua

    Japan: Osaka

    Italy: Pisa

    Japan: Tokyo

    Italy: Rome

    Malasia: Kuala Lumpur *

    Italy: Sorrento *

    Singapore: Singapore *

    Italy: Positano *

    Taiwan: Taipei

    Italy: Florence

    Thailand: Bangkok

    Spain: Barcelona

    Thailand: Krabi

    Spain: Madrid

    Thailand: Pattaya

    Spain: Toledo

    Switzerland: Geneva

    Switzerland: Zurich

    The Netherlands: Amsterdam

    UK: London

    UK: Manchester

    UK: York

    Czech: Prague



    AZ: Phoenix


    AZ: Scottsdale

    Bahamas: Freeport

    AZ: Sedona *

    British West Indies: Montserrat *

    Cayman Islands

    AZ: Tucson

    Jamaca: Montego Bay

    CA: Carmel

    Jamaca: Negril

    CA: Lake Tahoe

    Jamaca: Ocho Rios

    CA: Los Angeles

    Mexico: Acapulco

    CA: Monterey

    Mexico: Oaxaca

    CA: Napa

    Mexico: Puerta Vallarta

    CA: Oakland

    Mexico: San Jose Del Cabo *

    CA: Sacramento

    Mexico: Todos Santos *

    DC: Washington,

    FL: Cape Canaveral


    British Columbia: Vancover FL: Clearwater

    Ontario: Niagra Falls FL: Daytona

    Ontario: Ottawa FL: Ft. Myers

    Ontario: Toronto FL: Kissimmee

    Quebec: Montreal FL: Miami

    Quebec: Quebec City


    FL: Marco Island

    FL: Naples

    FL: Sarasota

    GA: Atlanta

    HI: Honolulu

    HI: Wailiea

    IL: Chicago

    IN: Indianapolis

    KY: Louiville

    KY: Lexington

    MA: Boston

    MA: Salem

    MD: Baltimore

    ME: Bar Harbor *

    MI: Detroit

    MI: Mackinaw

    MI: Traverse City

    NC: Asheville

    NM: Santa Fe

    NV: Las Vegas

    NV: Reno

    NY: Brooklyn

    NY: Buffalo

    NY: Long Island

    NY: Niagra Falls

    OH: Cleveland

    OH: Cincinnatti

    OH: Columbus

    OH: Toledo

    PA: Erie

    RI: Newport

    SC: Chareston

    SC: Myrtle Beach

    TN: Chattanooga

    TN: Gatlinburg

    TN: Knoxville

    TX: Dallas

    TX: San Antonio

    TX: Houston

    UT: Salt Lake City

    VA: Norfolk

    VA: Virginia Beach

    VA: Williamsburg

    WA: Seattle *

    WI: Milwaukee


    Frau said...

    Wow just a few places! You have lived a lucky life to see so many amazing places. I'm enjoying that benefit of being an Expat traveling and feel very blessed. Have a wonderful Sunday.

    Expats Again said...

    We are both very blessed! You must be a kindred spirit who loves to search for adventure. Safe journeys!