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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Meet our granddaughter, Samantha, who lives in Brisbane, Australia.  This photo was taken on her 7th birthday, January 20th, and we were lucky enough to share it with her this year.  Since we live in Germany and we have grandchildren (10 and counting) in two other continents (Australia and the U.S.) we aren't always able to be present for such momentous occasions.

She was very excited to open her prezzies with Mimi and Poppy there with her.  Once they were opened, she wanted to have Poppy read her the book he inscribed for her, " Shoes From Grandpa."  But Poppy was not cooperating and kept changing the words.  Sam was having none of it and made sure her Poppy read it properly.  Sorry Poppy, I don't think you can fool her that easily anymore.

 Meanwhile, her 5 year old brother, Sean, was doing what 5 year old little boys like to do.
Saving the plant, I mean, Playing Spider Man video games.  Cool dude...

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Formerly known as Frau said...

She is a beauty! So awesome you are able to visit your grandkids! I watched Oprah last week her show was filmed in Aussie it is a beautiful country I hope to visit some day!