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Sunday, January 30, 2011


It was freezing Friday in Munich.  Minus 15 C, and with the wind chill, let's just say
I ducked into a warm building every chance I got.  I really warmed up a few degrees once I found these blooms in Kokon Lifestyle Haus (Munich's Pottery Barn, Arhaus, flower botique, cafe, bookshop, and linens/materials, all mixed into one).

These tulips, pretty in pink, immediately had me in their grasp, but I chose to bring home these instead.

The apartment is filled with their springtime aroma and don't you love the glass planters for a mere 5,50€?  I love them so much, I'm returning tomorrow for a collection to plant spring bulbs on my windowsill in my kitchen.  I can't wait to see how lovely they will be when they bloom in the next few weeks.

We are moving house in the next couple of months and I thought I would change my decor after living with the same textiles for quite a few years.  I fell in love with this one and the one below.

I am not sure which I like better.  In the photo I took above, the toile looks pink, but it is a beautiful light lavender.  So gorgeous.  I'm thinking of the master bedroom.  I've looked for this shade of lavender, but it is impossible to find online for German bedding.

I was on a roll, Friday. I have a friend who has two of these chairs in her living room with a brown leather sofa.  I saw them Friday and put them on my list of items I would like to have, providing the new place has a room for them.  I know I am getting ahead of myself and should have a place first, but I am crossing my fingers that we will have a balcony or deck where I could fit these, or even the living room.  We already own the leather sofa.

I also found these bowls in many colors that I found irresistibly fun.  I haven't made up my mind if I want them all the same color or mix and match them.  They just happen to match one of my dinner sets.  Wouldn't an ice cream look scrumptious in these?

Speaking of fun items, this water glass with the heart is equally fun.

I'm seeing a pattern here with the lavenders.  I didn't notice it until I started posting these.  The green makes a great contrasting color, don't you think.  These are textured and the clean, fresh patterns are very appealing to me right now.

Here again, the lavender in this springtime linen print for a tablecloth, along with the green and some oranges and pinks.  It is so cheerful to look at.  I will grab it if we have a nice sunny nook to place a table.  I love it.

Here is a photo a glass vase that almost made it into my shopping basket.  I can see it in my bathroom with daffodils or tulips.  
It was a textile bonanza at Kokon on Friday.  So many cute designs to choose from.  Here are a couple of pillows that caught my eye.

They are more for winter, but I couldn't help but go back to them time and again.  I will probably end up with one of these.  Right now, I'm favoring the red because the house is so Bavarian.  But, the one on top is just as delightful.

Last, but not least, the piece de la resistance, below.  How wonderful is this light fixture.  I would love to see it in a stairwell.  Guess I will have to see if we will even have a stairwell in the new place, but my name is on this, for sure.


May said...

It's great that you are moving houses. I can see that you are planning a lot and excited about the move!! Good luck on your venture.
It is freezing this side too... Very hard to go out for a walk!!!

Maribeth said...

I simply must get out to do some shopping/window shopping. I think the snowy winter has me feeling like a Hermit!

blueviolet said...

The light fixture looks like bubbles! It's amazing! It's so fun to see those bright Spring colors and patterns!

Expat Traveler said...

Oh I love what you saw.. everything is amazing and would love to have that in my place too! Fingers crossed for more spring like weather coming... Yeah for Tulips!

Bebbie said...

I love the tulips and the hyacinth's they sure brighten up place and help to chase away the winter blah's. Looks like you were in the mood to shop. Which is never a bad thing..:-)