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Saturday, January 22, 2011


We are back!  Back from three weeks in Australia and fun with our Aussie kids and grandkids.  The only hitch during the three weeks was the terrible flooding in Queensland and New South Wales.  Fortunately for us, our three children live in higher grounds and were able to escape unscathed.  They were also given opportunities to help the less fortunate by volunteering their time in the clean up.   Australia was not spared in nature's havoc, but as many have said in the days following the disaster, it could have been much, much worse.

The above photo is of an estuary of the Pacific ocean withing walking distance from my husband's mother's home.  Being an estuary, it is connected to the ocean and is tide affected.  During high tide, we can walk to this beach, set our kayaks into the water and paddle off to the creek for a long kayak ride which is what we did last week on a spectacularly sunny day.

Other families had the same idea since the little ones can wade on out and cross to the other side with water just up to their waist.  Surf and boogie boards offer the perfect flotation devices for paddling around.  Mom and dad can wade or while their time on the beach fairly sure that the kids are safe in these shallow depths.

These four were having a race, but I think it was rigged as the leader appears to be twice their age.  But they don't seem to mind and they take their chances in the hopes of leading the pack.

  With the boys off having fun, moms and their daughters happily sun and wade in the cool water or lay on inflatable rafts just whiling away the afternoon.  Aussie children are on their school holidays until Australia day, next week January 26th.  Families are taking advantage of the glorious weather during the last days of their vacations by spending as much time at the beach as they can.

Building sand castles, grilling sausages, feeding the sea gulls, and waiting for the high tide are the activities that fill the day for these fortunate holiday goers.  Without a care in the world, they soak up the sun and bathe in the cool waters until the sun sets knowing that nature has provided all that they need for a full day of fun.

Was it just two days ago that I shared in their revelry?  Hard to believe now that we're back in winter in Europe.  Let the sun keep shining on our blessed Australian continent for they surely have been tested in recent days.  Best wishes for many more golden afternoons in the days to come, Australia.


Michelle said...

Well, you are making me a little bit jealous. Even though I love the winter, those shots are very inviting!

Joyce said...

Welcome home! So funny to think about the reversed seasons around the globe. Summer sounds pretty good to me right now ; )