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Thursday, January 27, 2011


On yesterday's post, I submitted my daughter-in-law's recipe for hummos.  I wrote that it is to die for and I really meant it.  Luna, who is of Jordanian descent and lived in Amman until she was 13 and moved to America, is an amazing cook!  Most of her dishes are Jordanian and we have enjoyed many meals in her home.  She has graciously taught me how to cook some of the dishes, but to be honest, they are not nearly as good as hers and I could never compete with her talent in the kitchen.

I have two grown sons who are married with families. My husband, has two sons and a daughter who are single and about ten years younger than my children. Luna is married to my youngest son and are the proud parents of three children who were all born in the same year, 11 months apart.  Their oldest, our grandson who is now 7, was born and two months later they learned they were expecting again!  This time with twins, a boy and a girl!  It has been an eventful seven years.  First with three in diapers, then three cutting their teeth at the same time, three learning how to walk, talk, run and jump and everything else that children do, just all at the same time. 

Luna can run circles around most mothers who have singletons, one at a time.  I know she married my son with a Masters degree, but I often joke and say she's earned her Phd in early childhood in more ways that I can mention.

I have the utmost respect for my daughter-in-law as a woman, as a mother, and as a wife.  Since I do not have a daughter, she has become the daughter I never had.  Luna is close to her family, her mother and father, sisters and brothers, but she always has time and love in her heart for us, her in-laws, too.  

The photo above is my favorite of her although I probably have at least fifty more I could have chosen from.  All of them highlight her beauty, but this one also highlights her personality.  Our Luna is a fun loving, joyful, and happy soul.  Our grandchildren, much to our delight, have inherited their mother's zest for life.  My son is also a very positive and fun loving person and when you are in their presence you are automatically at ease and become caught up in their joy.

For the last 7 years, Luna has been a stay-at-home mom devoted to seeing that her children had the best start in life as possible.  This is the first year that they have all been in school for a full day.  Together, with my son, they have begun missions work full-time for the first time this year.  I just know that they will bless others through their work and I look forward to hearing more about their selfless journey in doing God's work in the missions field when I return back to the states this Spring.

Luna has always been there for our family and has always made us welcome in her home.  We trust her implicitly and have faith in her many abilities.  I think the true test of a mother-in-law's measure of her daughter-in-law lies in how happy and content her son is.  My son has never been happier than when he met his wife.  In fact, together, they are the happiest couple I know.  They are blessed beyond measure with love for one another and their children.  They put all of their worries in the Lord's hands and though it hasn't been easy for them raising three little ones all at the same time and living on the modest income of one wage earner, they have found pleasure in one another and their close knit family.  

For them, the love they have for God and the love they have for one another is what sustains them.   In fact, although they do not have a lot of worldly possessions, they are generous and give from what they have to others who they know are less fortunate.  It isn't just material things either.  They have opened their home to countless people who have been able to share in their loving spirit. 

I wanted to write this post to honor my daughter-in-law who I love very much.  I know it probably isn't the most common thing to hear a mother-in-law praising her son's wife, but in this case, it is truly deserved.  I could not have hand picked a more suitable wife for my son than our dear Luna.  My son is a very, very fortunate man, indeed.

Having said all of this about our Luna, there is a very good chance that my other son's wife will read this blog and feel that I have not included my praises for her.  Never fear dearest, Gisela.  Your turn is coming.  It is only fitting that each of you get their own blog post.  
Thank you,  Luna for coming into our lives and making it brighter.  Thank you for the love and nurturing you have given to my grandchildren.  My deepest gratitude for bringing so much joy to my son who loves you beyond measure.  I miss your smile and look forward to seeing you all again this Spring.  



Jul said...

How sweet! Your daughters-in-law are lucky to have a mother-in-law like you.

Expats Again said...

Hi Juls,
How kind of you, but it is easy to love my two daughters-in-law. No effort required.