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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Who Was There

Here is a photo of some seniors out enjoying the fresh air, Alpine view, and the wonderful Spring weather on Mother's Day at Cheimsee. I have to laugh because it wasn't until I uploaded this photo that I realized that the women were sitting next to one another and the men were also sitting next to one another. I would have expected to see that the couples would be sitting next to one anther admiring this view. But perhaps they didn't know one another at all. If that were the case, at least the man and woman in the middle seemed to be having a nice chat.

In the next photo, the little girls' body language tells it all, doesn't it? A diva in the making, I'm thinking. Sunglasses and all-- she was just so adorable , and I suspect she knew it too. This was not a pose for I doubt she even knew that I took her photo. She was just doing her thing . And I just couldn't resist. Hand on hip, she is just "Too cool for skool."

It must be true that there is a story behind every photo. The story here is that these three wandered onto the pier to find a four-legged fellow sitting at his owners feet while she petted him. Within minutes, they had handed the dog's owner their camera and had her take a photo of them with her dog. I was laughing at their temerity while also admiring their fondness of this pooch. So, not wanting to miss a good photo op, I took a pic as well and I loved how it turned out. They were a fun bunch and you couldn't help but love their enthusiasm for a dog that they had never met.

Shortly after I took the above photo, I met the irrestible dog Suzy and her owner. I told her that I had photographed her dog with the three fun loving chaps on the pier and showed her the photo in my digital camera. She was a delightful lady and told us that her daughter had met an American and that she had moved to Texas to be with him. Suzy was as sweet as could be and I couldn't stop petting her. It was then we learned that she came from an animal shelter. What a perfect companion she had found for herself!

This post began as a way to share my photos of the Bodensee and Chiemsee with you, but now it looks like it's going to be more about babies, puppies, tots, and the oldies. I never know where the lens is going to take me and sometimes it tells me more about myself than I knew before. The truth is in the picture and it looks like I was in the mood to capture all of the people and pets we love. Being Mother's Day when these were taken, you can see where this post is going.

This beautiful child was being toted by her doting father throughout the lake front.

And, so was this beautiful child--I see what is happening here--mom's day to rest-- so dad is busy watching over the kids. Ok, now it all makes sense.

My next shot is certainly someone's adorable best friend. Take a look at this very handsome guy. He was sitting pretty, behind a bench in the shade keeping watch over the lake just like Lassie would have done.

Have a look at these two women out for their Sunday (Mother's Day) stroll. Now, I don't know about you, but when I'm their age I hope I still have the "get up and go" that these two lovely ladies do. It would take far less effort to sit in my easy chair and let the world go by, I would assume. But give them their due, they are out and about with their walkers and having a fine time of it too! There's no keeping good women down and these two can testify to that. There's no grass growing under their feet and they sure aren't waiting for the world to come to them. God bless them both!

And, have a look at the gents! They were all out for a day at the lake too! I had the distinct feeling that the man seated at the table had sat at this table for many years previous. He was snug up against the wall, sipping his white wine while reading the newspaper and gazing out at the lake. A spectacular way to spend an afternoon.

This dapper gentleman in the burgandy sport coat carrying an umbrella had to be a "regular" too. There were not that many people at the Bodensee this past weekend because it is not yet summer when the school kids are off . But he carried his umbrella as a band major would carry a baton--high in the air as he weaved his way along the promenade. I half expected to see the woodwind section right behind him. I could tell that he had done this before and was practicing a rhythmn that had worked for him many times when he needed to part the foot traffic. I would love to see how his method works on the busy sidewalks of Shanghai!

Both dogs and kids, it seems, just wanna have fun. These children were making the most of their day at the lake by filling their plastic pails and whatever else they could find with the water from a nearby fountain. Then, they would take turns dumping it over someone elses head. Loads of fun!

While the older children were entertaining themselves with the "dump the water on each others' heads" game, this tiny tot occupied himself with trying to cover up the water holes. Look how intent his expression is!

Back to dogs. While the Bodensee is enjoyed by children, young adults, old adults, and everyone in between, it is also a favorite place for dogs it seems. On this particular weekend, the weather was gorgeous all day, until night fell when it suddenly looked like it was going to rain. It was then that I saw a man charging down the street (he probably left his windows down in his car) leash in hand and his pup running along beside of him for all he was worth.

Of all of the mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, and pets that I have photographed over this past weekend, I think I was most taken with this darling little boy on the back of his mum's bike. He was having his own personal tour of the lake and he had a winning smile that let me know that this was a very special place for little ones like him!

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