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Monday, May 11, 2009

A Weekend for Mom

Stephen treated me to a beautiful weekend for American Mother's Day, in Germany where they also celebrate it on May 10th. Saturday took us to the German-Switzerland border to Lake Konstance (Constance) or as the Germans' call it, The Bodensee. This large lake shares a border with both countries and a beautiful view of the Swiss Alps can be seen from the German side. Here is a photo of Steve upon first arriving at the lake.
It is easy to lose track of time in this lovely spot. Right now the tourists and vacationers have not yet arrived. Once school is out it becomes an entirely different place. Today, the sailboats were out for a leisurely afternoon's respite from the long work week. I have to say this, Germans sure know how to relax and take it easy. They protect their family and holiday time and are known to have more holiday time than any other country in the world. Steve's not complaining and we are currently planning our eight weeks of vacation this year. It works well for us with family on two continents. Now we are able to relax and spend more time with our family in both America and Australia.

This little guy has the right idea, just the wrong timing. The water in the Bodensee comes straight from the still ice and snow covered Swiss Alps. Until June, this youngster will have to wait to immerse himself in the refreshing waters. It doesn't seem to daunt him, however. He is fine with testing the waters all by himself.

We spent Saturday strolling around the lake and taking in as many tiny villages that dot the lake as we could. A lunch of roast pork, croquettes, spaetzelle, and tomatoes while sitting lakeside on the outdoor deck of a German restaurant started our day. This was the view from that restaurant which we toasted with a glass of chilled German white Reisling. "Prost!" A toast to a perfect weekend!

Each quaint lakeside village is peppered with scenes like the one above. Every detail is part of the overall ambiance. As I shot this window, a young boy rode his bike up next to me. It was his house and he wanted to know what I found so interesting to photograph. Well, I guess it's all in the eyes of the beholder, isn't it? One day, he will realize that too.

We stayed at Lake Konstance until evening fell, not wanting to break the spell of it's beauty. But, clouds were beginning to gather and the Alpine air began to chill so we quickly had one more glass of German White before we headed back to Munich (a two hour drive). We are certain to make this destination a frequent one.
Next time we plan to bring our bikes. Today, Steve's bike is in repair because of a road accident. A little old lady who was exiting a shopping center didn't happen to notice the bikers on the bike path in front of her. Steve was first in line to cross her path and WHOMP! He flew up over her car and landed in the highway. His front wheel is twisted and he was sporting cuts and bruises. He was more worried about the bike than himself! Once it is fixed (the bike), we will have to visit Lake Konstance again.

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