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Friday, May 29, 2009

Jac and Fred

Here is Uncle Fred standing next to an advertisement posted on the side of a trailer. Since none of us can speak or read German to any degree, I decided to ask a complete stranger walking on the footpath what this sign said. It turns out that it is an ad for an arbitrator. Uncle Fred said, "What do you know, a competitor!" So, we decided that he should pose next to his "competitor's" ad so you can all see what he might have in store for the future.

I can see it now...."Fred Bostleman, Arbitrator Extraordinaire!" It would look great trailing the Caddy, don't you think?

Above is a photo of one of the entertainers at the Marienplatz. These mimes create quite a draw in the plaza and love to give a show. We spent a fair while watching this one perform.
I decided to take Uncle Fred and my mother-in-law, Jaci, to the Hoffbrau Haus in the Marienplatz. Jaci had never been there, but Uncle Fred remembered the place from his previous visit to Munich in 1967. He said it hadn't changed at all and I believe he's right!
Fred said he could stay and listen to the band all day long. He was totally in his element and even danced a little jig for us. Then he showed me the exact table where he and my Aunt Kathleen sat during their 1967 visit. He was happy to revisit the Hoffbrau Haus and I was happy that I had chose this reknowned beer hall as one of our destinations. It made for fond memories for Uncle Fred, and one that I will remember for a long time.

Uncle Fred, from the U.S., makes friends everywhere he goes. Here he is at the Hoffbrau Haus in Marienplatz, Germany, with a new friend, Bernie. Bernie asked if he could sit with us at our table in the sun and the next thing I knew, he and Fred were exchanging business cards. No, that's not entirely true. Fred gave him his, but Bernie said he didn't bring his cards along.
Fred then asked Bernie what he did for a living and Bernie answered, "I work for the government." Uncle Fred inquired, "What it that you do for the government?" A fair question. Bernie answered in a barely audible whisper, "Well, if I told you that, I'd have to kill you."
We all laughed at that one, but later Fred said, "It sure ended that conversation."
I told him that he should have worn his FBI hat that his nephew, Terry Moore, who actually worked for the FBI, gave him. I said, "That sure would have had ole Bernie wondering!"

Uncle Fred isn't the only one who makes friends easily in Munchen. I had a couple of close encounters myself. The "green guy" above was a very kindly fellow--as long as I kept tossing coins in his empty tin can. Friends can be bought, you know.
Above is the Marienplatz, the center of Munich. It is the city's old town jumping-off point for seeing the cities architecture and abundant museums. There is always a music scene and an extensive list restaurants to visit. No trip to Munich should miss the Marienplatz!

Above, Uncle Fred is riding on the S-Bahn (or Surface train) from Munich to Pasing. He is getting quite accustomed to our excellent transportation system. By the end of his visit he will know the train schedule very well. Heck, he will know the train, underground, bus, and trolley system--it's the way Munich travels!

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