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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mr. Fixit was Here Today

Here's Mike hanging a light fixture in
Steve's study. He arrived at 8:30 am this morning and worked constantly installing heaps of lighting fixtures. This one (once the cardboard was removed) will allow us to have light in many areas of the room.

I called Mike from Huntcrest Co. who could not only install 6 ceiling light fixtures and hang 8 over sized paintings today, but said he would come back to hang four more light fixtures and rewire six lamps for me next week. This is wonderful and his rates are very reasonable. I highly recommend them as their work is impeccable and they are very professional. (Plus, he said he could tell our paintings weren't from Ikea!) He took extra special care of all of our belongings.

Below is a photo of our new light fixture in the dining room. It matches a couple of lamps we have for the living room end tables. I'm addicted to the crystals though--I have to stop, or soon I will have Steve's bedroom slippers trimmed in crystal. Actually, he might like that--just kidding.

We chose this light fixture in the photo below for the stairwell to the second floor. It is going to look great at night. No more sneaking around at night with a torch for a drink of water. We're back in the 21st Century!

The place is now looking more like a home. Our paintings from Bali have been hung, our Australian Aboriginal paintings, Steve's painting of the Silk Road, and our Chinese panels have all found a home here. It has occurred to me that these objects have all magically found a home in three countries in the last five years. I find it amazing that they all fit and we were able to use each one.
The next photo was a surprise. I opened a box and this gem was inside. I must have bought it in Shanghai right before our exit move. I have never had it out and I was so excited to find a place to display it. I bought it in Shanghai at Xintandi at an art dealer's shop. The artist had painted various different scenes on rocks. I love the one shown below. It is simple, yet elegant.
Even Steve's favorite stuffed animal, "Buddy" made the trip. He has found his home on the window sill right in front of Steve's work desk. I asked Steve why he wanted to take Buddy along with us to Germany and his answer was, "Because he makes me happy!"
That's my hubby, a man of very few needs and who is sincerely happy with the "little things" in life. Just one more reason why I love him. Plus, Buddy doesn't eat anything and he never complains about his perch over Steve's desk; what's not to like?

Totally unrelated to our "Mr. Fixit" day is the following. I found a suspicious video on You Tube today. It appears that the Swine Flu Pandemic, that has had us all shivering in our boots, was here before........ in 1976!
Take a look for yourself and let me know if you think we haven't all over-reacted and are all a bunch of scardey cats. Here's the link:

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