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Saturday, November 6, 2010


"Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do.  I'm half crazy, all for the love of you."  I am not a dog person, really.  We have had dogs in the past and they were mainly my ex-husband's responsibility or my sons'.   This past week my son brought Daisy home to meet his new master, my 8 year old grandson, Nico.  So now I have a new grandpuppy and she is as adorable as can be.  They purchased her from a breeder and this Golden Retriever is the most docile, fun-loving puppy I have ever met.  Having just met her once, I can tell you, I am smitten.  Looks like I have been a dog person all along, but I haven't met a Daisy before.

Last weekend, we had six grandchildren fawning all over Daisy and she took it in stride while snuggling up to each and every one of them to show them how much she loved them.  She ran beside them, sat in their laps,and  fetched toys, leaves, and any other object they threw her way. They petted her, played with her and ran the poor little thing ragged.  Twice during our visit I saw her sound asleep on her bed in Nico's room.  But after a short nap, she was up and ready for more.  She will make a great pet for Nico.

Nico, our birthday boy, was over-the-top excited to receive his new puppy, as any eight-year old boy would be. Being active in football, baseball, soccer, and basketball, I can just envision Daisy running along side of him on the field, the court, and the diamond.

 The next time I come back to the states, Daisy will be nearly full-grown.  I have already received an update photo this week from my son.  I think I will have to ask for a weekly photo to watch her progress.  

She's a beautiful little gal, our Daisy!  I look forward to spending more time with her on my return visit.

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