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Friday, November 26, 2010


Can you feel my nieces pain?  She is overdue and will be induced Wednesday if her son doesn't appear this week.

As luck would have it, I leave to return to Munich on Tuesday!

I have offered to take her on bumpy drives over railroad tracks and anything else to get this show on the road.  Any ideas?

She is beyond uncomfortable and just can't wait for the birth of her son.

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G in Berlin said...

She can also take evening primrose. For me, what worked was being told I would be induced the following day- I went into labor 6 hours before my induction.
In the US they say full-term is 40 weeks and induce at 40+6 days. In Europe it can be 41+7 days before induction. Leads to a lot of disappointed and overdue Americans! Give her my sympathy and good luck!