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Monday, June 7, 2010


The Tegernsee is a spa town in Bavaria, Germany and is so named because of Lake Tegernsee. on which it stands.  It is about 50 km south of Munich and within the Bavarian Alps.  Austria is just 20 km away.  Tegernsee was once the summer residence of the Royal Family, the Wittlesbachs.  Now, all can enjoy its' beauty.

This weekend, we took the train to Tegernsee for an opportunity for my husband to do a bike ride up into the Alps, 2,451 feet above sea level!  I am a beginner bicyclist and cannot fathom the amount of energy and conditioning it takes to complete such a journey.  So, while he was with a buddy on a three hour bike ride above the lake, I spent the afternoon taking these photos for you, shopping, lunching, and doing a pleasant, leisurely bike ride of my own.  The guy below was pedaling at my pace--S-L-O-W-L-Y....

I didn't have to go very far to hear the cathedral bells ringing at noon to harken the arrival of this bride on her wedding day.  Notice the local onlookers and the paparazzi, of which I am one, poor girl. 

The bride arrived in this vehicle!  I love her style!

After I left the church, I took a bike ride of my own along the lake shore. I stopped to take this photo, or otherwise you would see a photo of me hitting the cement--now that's a novel idea for a photo!

The Tegernsee lake has a ferry that allows you to go from one side of the lake to the other.  Or, like the couple below, you can walk around the lake, if you wish.

Some people prefer to sail across or around the lake.

While other choose to hire this paddle boat and let the little ones do all of the work. (Notice the little guy already behind the wheel!)

Whichever way you choose to navigate your way around the lake, there is a beautiful vista awaiting you at every turn.  We plan to return again this weekend and this time, I'd love to find the spas.  Although it should be hubby that gets that massage after the workout he gets from storming uphill for hours on end. 

Then, again, he  just might choose to relax with an ice cold Tegernsee Pils at one of the many lakeside beergardens. 


blueviolet said...

What an idyllic setting! That first picture just got me completely interested! I also liked the bride's vehicle.

Annie Stromquist said...

Your photos and your writing make me want to visit Lake Tegernsee right away! What a beautiful area. And I'm with you... deciding between enjoying the lake or biking into the mountains - easy decision! Thanks for this post.

Snooker said...

Oh MY! Tegernsee is SOOO beautiful! I was there for a work retreat a few years ago and had the joy of waking up to a foggy morning with fresh snow covering everything. Hard to explain the layers of beauty.