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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Last night, in bed, while I had been sleeping for hours, I felt something bite my leg.  It wasn't a painful bite, but I knew it was a bite, or did I?  I was in such a deep sleep that I thought I had been dreaming I had been bitten.  In my sleepy stupor, I moved my legs across the mattress sheet in a quick movement just to make sure that if it wasn't a dream, the intruder would leave, schnell!

All was well until I woke up this morning to find the crumpled body of the spider on my clean white sheets- YUK! 

In the future, I will know to WAKE THE HECK UP--dream or no dream. 

My fear of spiders is tantamount to my fear of nuclear annihilation.  I know they have a purpose on the planet--just not MY planet, thank you.  In fact, I abide them so much, that I have had to scroll down to write this post, just so I won't see that ungodly creature above. And I purposefully left the photo small--sorry, but even the thought of a large spider sends me into fits.  

Do you have an unreasonable fear? 


Shell said...

Ew, spiders! I don't see too many big ones around, so I'm not too worried about them.

I have a complete fear of my kids getting taken. I freak out if I can't see them.

Annie Stromquist said...

I feel almost the same way about wasps. Also, I'm scared to leave the bedroom closet door open at night because I'm sure someone will come out after I fall asleep.

Jul said...

My irrational fear is giant crowds. Makes Oktoberfest a little challenging!

Perfectly Unperfect said...

I don't have a fear of spiders. A lot of people seem to though. That is okay with me, because I have a HUGE fear of something.


I can't even look at a snake without getting the heebie jeebie's. To me they are not natural at all. They way they slither around everywhere.

*Shudder* Creepy!

Stopping by from Pour Your Heart Out.

Yelli said...

LOL! I was frightened of spiders until we befriended an arachnologist in grad school. He was ADAMANT that most bites are NOT caused by spiders. He even made a website to dispel myths.


However, seeing the spider on your bed was probably pretty good evidence!

Expats Again said...

I guess I'm not alone in having an irrational fear...just so you know...the photo is not the spider I found. The one I saw was small, but still, it's a spider, ewwww...
Snakes, wasps,yeah...I can relate.
Jul, I think I am also getting to hate crowds as time goes by. I do just about everything I can think of to avoid them. Haven't done Oktoberfest yet, but I don't think I'm missing much.

blueviolet said...

Your spiders are my earwigs! I refuse to go barefoot from spring until fall because I'm afraid of stepping on one.

maryandsean said...

creepy! My fear is a spider crawling inside my mouth while I'm sleeping...

My husband and I are also expats, living in OKinawa. I saw that you'd been in Shanghai, which we've visited a few times in the past year.

Looking forward to reading more of your expat adventures!

Irish Berliner said...

I was bitten by a spider or SOMETHING before. For some reason the bite wound wouldn't heal but kept getting bigger. (We were in Brazil at the time.) Eventually a few weeks later when I was at home it got to the stage where I had to go to the doctor. "This hole in my leg is just getting bigger. I dunno what the story is with it." It wasn't disgusting as it was quite clean but I knew things weren't as they should be when I could see the bone. (It was on my shin so it wasn't really that big a hole.) Anyway, she gave me some antibiotics or something and it healed after that.
Generally nown I try make friends with spiders so they don't bite me.