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I am married to the love of my life and am finally able to shower him with all of the attention he deserves. I am now retired and living the life here in Europe. I am an American, he is an Australian, and this is our second overseas address. The first was Shanghai, China and now Munich, Germany. Come along and live the life with us as we continue our adventure of discovering all Europe has to offer.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


1. What gives you goosebumps?
Misjudging a step on the escalator,  my husband's hand touching the skin on my lower back, hitting the brakes to miss a collision, swallowing pills that stick in my throat, an unusual noise in the middle of the night, an unexpected hug from a sweet grandchild, my son's telling me how much I have influenced them, John Mayer's, "Come Back to Bed," and the perfect Chardonnay.

2. Halloween-are you a lover or a hater? Okay, that sounds harsh...Halloween-yay or nay?
Nay all of the way.

3. Can you respect someone you do not trust, and can you trust someone you do not respect?

Absolutely not.  Neither can I love someone I don't respect--let alone trust them.  Been there, tried that.  It doesn't work! .

4. Apples or oranges? Yes, you have to choose.

Oranges, mandarins, clementines, tangerines, Minneola Tangelos, etc.  Yum!

5. What is something you wish was in your town? (shop, restaurant, attraction, etc)
A good bagel shop.

6. What non-food item is in your refrigerator or freezer?
Sorry, all food.  European refrigerator space is too precious to waste on anything but!

7. Are you at all superstitious?
No, but I do believe things happen for a reason and  we cannot always chalk it up to coincidence. (This drives my husband crazy, but I find meaning where he will only see chance.)

  But I do not believe in black cats, ladders,  or a Friday the 13th kind of superstition. 

 I do, however, think there are signs and we need to be perceptive enough to understand them--premonitions of things to come.  I have many circumstances in my life that I have documented that arouse thoughts that something good/bad will happen in the future and whoa.....then it does.  

I'm not psychic, rather, I think some people are just attuned to their surroundings while others are not.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
I have taught about 8 gals the game of Chinese Mahjong and we meet every Wednesday afternoon to play.  We have an open chair policy and published an invitation in the "Munich International Women's Club Newsletter" for next month. Four can play a game at one table and we now have two tables of players.  I hope we can accommodate everyone.  It is so fun watching the girls learn the game and the strategy.  I'm looking forward to an active Mahjong group like we had in Shanghai with as many women who wish to play and a large enough venue.  Wish us luck!


Joyce said...

Ahh, the frig space : ) And missing the bagel shop...I am now in the bagel capital which does make me happy.

Good luck with your MahJong group...our women's club here has recently started one up too.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Your goose bump comment made me thing of yesterday I pulled out in front of on coming car actually a Hummer and I'm still shaking when I think of how lucky and also how stupid I am! And yes a bagel shop...I have a homemade recipe for bagels I used when in Germany...you think being on the east coast we'd have good bagels but not in my tiny town!! Have great day!

Kathy said...

I'd like to hear more about that European refrigerator!

Good luck with your Chinese Mahjong group. It sounds interesting and fun!

Word Nerd said...

You don't like Halloween? Not even the goblin beggars? ;O)

Domestic Diva In-Training said...

I totally forgot the way that a good Chardonnay can make me shiver. It's been a while.

April said...

I completely agree...a good bagel shop is a "must have"!

Domestic Diva In-Training said...

I've never played Chinese Mahjong anywhere but on video games. I didn't even know that you played it with people. It sounds like a really fun way to get together and learn new things.

Expats Again said...

@Joyce, Ah...to be in the bagel capital. Sounds wonderful! Hope you join mahjong, you'll love it.
@ Frau, I would LOVE your recipe. Even in Munich, bagels are dreadfully hard to find. Now if you want a pretzel.... YIKES! That is why they call them "Auto Accidents." So glad you missed that one!
@Kathy, fridge space can be summed up in three words, "Dorm Room Size." The Europeans shop every day because they haven't room in their kitchens for a full sized fridge--a travesty!
@Word, I LOVE the little beggars, but not the idea of "All Hallows Eve," etc.
@April, brilliant minds think alike!!
@ Domestic, ah yes...must make time for the Chardonnay dear girl. Don't compare the video game mahjong with the real thing. Google Chinese Mahjong and you'll get an idea of the real thing. Lots of fun. Four players to a table.

bluedotmom said...

loved your answer to #7!

LG said...

Thanks for the visit. The Kiwis won the RWC after all


Good luck with the Mahjong, will have to go google. You into Soccer yet? Seems Europeans crazy over futball....

The Toll House Cookie said...

How wonderful your group of Mahjong players has grown! It's nice to be able to enjoy doing something together on a regular basis. You're wished lots of luck from me in seeing this group continue to expand!!!

Judy said...

I so totally agree with Halloween.
I'd love some of those German pretzels!
Can you believe I lived in Singapore and never learned to play Mahjong?

Kimberly said...

I have never played Mahjong. I have heard of it. A good bagel shop is important in a town. We don't have a bakery!
Just stopping by from Wed. Hodgepodge.

LynnMarie said...

We once lived in England and yes those fridge's are mighty small. I love our big USA fridge.I agree that if we tune into what is around us we can tell that somethings will in fact happen.

Mary said...

I have no idea what Mahjong is! Sounds like the Bunko craze, but I never got into that, either! I'm still trying to get to Zumba once a week, but not having any luck. :(
I can't imagine having to go to the market every day...I hate going to the grocery store!

Leelee said...

Ditto on the bagel shop...I also wish we had a good bakery/coffee shop. A locally owned type place, not a chain. I miss that the most from moving from our home in Lexington, KY. We had a bakery that I loved....I especially miss their Christmas specialty items now that the holidays are less than 2 months away....Thanks for visiting me!!

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

I can't imagine dealing with an itty bitty fridge! Mine isn't huge but it's packed all.the.time! Heck ~ I have a watermelon (diced in a bowl) and a 2 layer cake in there right now - among other things!!

Capri K said...

Tonight at dinner the waitress dropped the silverware and said "company's coming!" I guess that is superstitious!

Conny said...

LOVE Mahjong!!! Ironically (to you & me anyway), we learned to play it with our neighbors when we were stationed in GERMANY!! ;)

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

I like the ingenious way you answered #6 about "European Space". Enjoyed reading your random thought you shared.

My Link today: A PARODY Have a great Thursday.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I see you like oranges a lot! Enjoy the rest of your week.

blueviolet said...

Now I'm intrigued with mahjong. You've piqued my interest! I'm not superstitious either.