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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This is our little Miss Nee Nee, our 6th grandchild, photographed by me when she was four years old.  She has just turned 7.  It is one of the few closeups I have of her and her lovely eyes.  This gal will never have to wear eye makeup as nature gave her all that she needs.

I am told by her parents that she is a burgeoning soccer player.  This makes perfect sense to me because I have never known her to w-a-l-k anywhere, she is a natural born runner and loves to make haste wherever she goes.

Here she is in action!  Our little Nee Nee with the wind beneath her feet (at age 6).  It's a real job slowing her down.  After all, she has things to do and people to see, you know.

She's a climber too!  Actually, she is fearless and I would be two if I had a twin brother and another brother 11 months older like she does.  The boys are twice her size, but that doesn't stop her from holding her own.  She may be tiny, but she is scrappy and tough. Both boys have given up on trying to coerce her to do anything, physically.  She spins, she tumbles, and she weaves herself away from their grasp.  She stands her ground and will try any way she can to get her way, including batting those lovely eyelashes.  (Hey, a girl has to use all of her gifts  sometimes!)  I've never seen such determination and competitive spirit in one so young.  She wants nothing less than being the first at whatever she does.  Nothing will keep her from reaching her destiny-- if she has anything to do with it.

But as rough and tumble as she is, she still likes to be the only little princess in the family.  And that is a good thing too.  I know she has captured my son's heart. He never had a sister and this little girl has got him wrapped around her little finger.  Daddy's little girl all of the way.

Here she is last Halloween in her costume in the classroom offering her father a Halloween treat.

This picture says it all.

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Formerly known as Frau said...

Ah!! She is a beauty! Love the picture of granddaughter and son...priceless!