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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Valentine's Day is my ONLY favorite "Hallmark holiday." This year I'm planning something very special for my love, my husband,  I haven't quite put it all together, and can use any help I can get.  Other than the "Aphrodisiac Cocktails," "Chocolate Covered Strawberries," and rose petals all of the magazines recommend, what else is likely to make my Valentine happy?

How are you going to spend your Valentines day?  Do you have any ideas to share on how to make it memorable?  I would love to hear what you have done or might do to make this day one to remember.  I am strongly inclined to have it be at home.  I've given consideration to the candle light even though he is not a candle or scent person (allergies).  No menu yet, but I want it to be romantic--come on, it's Valentine's Day!

He does have a sweet tooth, so I can come up with something for that, or Neuhaus will.  But how to make it unusual and something he will appreciate?  Ideas?


Valentines isn't just for grown ups.   Children are also looking forward to the holiday as much as I am.

It is of great dismay that I find that many young people I know grow up with a sense of entitlement, and lack a sense of pure gratitude and thoughtfulness.  Too many of them believe that it is their right to receive, yet have little sense or knowledge of their obligation to give.  I have struggled with this and can't help but think that is because of a lack of upbringing that they are this way.

 I know there are many thankful, giving, and thoughtful young people, but I also am aware of those that are not.  What makes one young person think of others and another one think primarily of their own needs? 

I have never really thought about Valentine's Day being a holiday that offers a teaching moment.  But, being a teacher,  I am always on the lookout for lessons in life that we can learn from.

This morning, while reading my list of favorite blogs,  I came across just such an example of a teaching moment from Lecia, a mother who is taking full advantage of Valentine's Day to instill a caring and thoughtful nature in her children.  She can be reassured that by taking the time to instruct her children to complete this Valentine's Day activity with her, they will remember how important it was to her that they learn to "give to others,"and not just expect to take.

I was so impressed that Lecia was able to go to her child's classroom, photograph each of the children in the class, and print out the photos.  Next, she had her child glue the photo onto card stock and with glitter glue, write what her child liked best about that classmate on the inside of the card. 

This handmade card will then be given to their classmate in the classroom for Valentine's Day!  What a wonderful gift, to her child!  Oh, and as a by-product, to her child's classmate!  The gift of giving!  I wish I had thought of it when my children were young!

Here is a link to her blog where she describes and photographs the steps she took to make this memorable event happen in her child's life.  Please go to her blog and take a look.  She is a very creative mom who is doing a wonderful job of being a mother.  I know you will love, love, love her blog,  A Day That is Dessert .  

And, if you can recommend any great ideas for making my Valentine's Day more memorable for my hubby, please don't forget to leave a message.  I need all the help I can get!

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