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Monday, May 10, 2010


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     This is going to be a whirlwind summer for sure. Now that I'm officially back from my visit to the states, we are looking at one travel experience after another. It began this weekend with a visit to Nurenburg on Saturday and a visit to Starnbergersee on Sunday, Mother's Day. I have a penchant for taking photos of the lovely and the quirky. The photo above certainly is quirky, but, ohhhhh, how lovely is he? 

     He demanded that I deposit the coin in his violin case instead of my husband.  After all, I took the photo so I guess it's fair.

     Immediately after my donation to the happy fiddler, I spotted these two lovelies.  Aren't they just spectacular? 

     Not all of the dolls I saw at the Nurenburg Street Fair were as attractive and as delightful as these two.  In fact, some were downright scary. 

I      would hate to have been raised as a child in Germany with this doll.  Nightmares would have haunted me as a result.

     Nurenburg is a quaint city with an old town that lures you into it with all sorts of attractions.  We spent the day acquainting ourselves with it's many delights, but also found time to let the world go by while sitting in the sunshine sharing a vino in an ancient  courtyard.  Some of the most interesting people walked by.  Have a look!
Straight out of the Middle Ages, they were!

Bet you didn't know they had cell phones in the Middle Ages?

Turrets and towers exist in Nurenburg -- right next to modern day buildings.

The charm and unbelievable beauty of Nurenburg makes it a popular destination in Europe.

     People from every corner of the earth come here to experience life as it once was in Germany.

I stand corrected.  They come to do a bit of this too.

     As a matter of fact, we did our fair share of this as well to help the local economy; and with very pleasant results, I might add!

     This small biergarten on the side of a courtyard was a relaxing place to stop and taste the local wine.

    I guess we were not alone in thinking that it was the perfect spot to while away a day.  Many others had the same idea such as this man descending the stairway to the courtyard.

     But there was much to see and much to buy and although I longed to linger, items such as this began to call my name. 

      I can't help it if a girl's got to shop.

I had a real dilemna on my hands.  This fish, or this coat.  Which would you have chosen?

     In the end, I settled for these. On hindsight, my Hubby had a great deal to do with my decision.  I guess he is the more practical of the two of us.

      But I can tell you, he had a real difficult time pulling me away from these. 

     C'mon now, be truthful.  Wouldn't you feel like you had returned to Dr. Spock in these? 

     Some items are just too kitchy to pass by. 

      Sadly, I had to pass them up.  That or move out and that isn't up for negotiation. 

Alas, goodbye sweet Star Trek boots!  I will watch for your return one day.... 


G in Berlin said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by. Love the pictures of Nurnburg--- do they always have medieval reenactments or was it a special show?

blueviolet said...

I can't believe all the sights you saw! Those were crazy things to buy and odd people to see!!!

Courtney said...

That top pic is classic!!! Happy summer travels lucky duck!

Expats Again said...

The Floh Markets are in full force right now in Germany. Odd and crazy items for sale along with some very beautiful and rare items--but leave it to me to photograph the strange and quirky.