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Friday, May 14, 2010



One of the hobbies I most enjoy is painting. Watercolor, oil, acrylic, ink, gouache, tempera, you name the medium, I'm willing to give it a go.  I've finally set up my studio and have decided to jump in feet first.  It has been years since I have practiced the art that I was trained to do in college.  I've taught art and dabbled with some of the projects, but I've never found the time, nor the passion to take up art again; until now.

Recently, photography has consumed a large part of my spare time and I enjoy travel so it has become a natural outcome of being so blessed to be able to visit many countries.  I love it and I will always photograph my journeys.

A new love is knitting and crochet that has occupied a lot of my extra time.  Once I begin a project, I want to see it through to fruition.  I have made a conscious decision that once my latest project is done, however, I will give my painting the time and consideration it deserves.  Hopefully,  I will be able to share my successes with you on my blog.
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The weather in Munich is compatible with outdoor sketching and al fresco painting.  I have an easel and my sets of paint, so finding the right subject or landscape is the next step.  I don't have too far to go to find interesting scenery.  

The folks in my photos are artists from my hometown, Toledo, Ohio.  They are at the Botanical Gardens enjoying the most recent sunshine while practicing their craft.  Here are some of the sights that they were turning into art.

New Spring blossoms add color and depth to the small gazebo situated next to a pond.

Manicured hedges and tulip gardens surrounding a classical Greek statue.

A stunning and picturesque pond amply glorified with nature's abundance.

A bed of splendid tulips that shine in the sun's warm glow.

I can't imagine ever having a difficult time finding inspiration for my paintings.  All one has to do is to stop and observe all that is within your realm of vision.  Painters throughout the ages have produced fine works of art with a couple of simple oranges, a basket of bread, and a fish.  I should have very little problem producing paintings that may not qualify as fine art, but will fulfill the creative drive I have to perfect my craft. 

And you, dear reader, will be the one to judge!  I'm looking forward to sharing my work with all of you.


Frau said...

Gorgeous Palette to choose from. Have a wonderful weekend!

Shelle said...

i can't wait to see your paintings...i've thought about trying to paint from my photos...but i've had no experience whatsoever...actually i've never even painted.