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Thursday, May 27, 2010


                                                               Bakery in Munich

Did I ever tell you about how much the Germans love their baked goods?  I might have mentioned it in a previous post, but let me refine that notion.  They don't just love their baked goods, they are downright fussy about them.  So much so that they go into great discussions with the bakery clerk about the ingredients, the proper texture, the amount of nuts or fruit, etc. while you are waiting for your turn.  They watch your purchases and will comment to you about  how delicious the cake or bread you bought is, in their opinion.   

But of all of the baked goods they offer at these German bakeries, their breads are their pride and joy.  Bread you see, must be made and bought fresh daily.  This is possible because bakeries exist on nearly every major street corner.  On Sundays and holidays you will find all of the stores closed in Germany, but the bakeries will remain open.  Seriously!

I am not complaining, mind you.  I find any obsession with carbohydrates entirely understandable.  I just don't come from a country that takes its' bread, rolls, and pretzels so seriously.  Most Americans were raised on white Wonder Bread and despite its' lack of nutritional value, it certainly didn't do  any of us  any harm.  It was tasteless, generic, and could stay in the breadbox for months on end it contained so many preservatives.    There were the occassional cake bakeries that sold doughnuts, pies, and cookies, perhaps.  Each town might have one or if your town was fortunate, maybe two such bakeries. 

But the Germans have taken their love for baked goods to  nearly a spiritual experience.  You see them munching on croissants on the trains, tearing away at pretzels at the street crossing, and chewing on a crusty roll while trying to manuever a bicycle along the bike path.

Yes, Germans love their bread and baked goods and you know what?  So do we!

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Rachel Cotterill said...

Ohh yum! I love German pastries.