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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This is a "Cutout Frangipani" blossom that dropped onto my deck chair at the Gold Coast in Australia.

  I thought it's clear white petals with the swirl of the opening of the frangipani on the cool blue weave of the deck chair an interesting contrast of colors.

Throughout Australia, and in the Gold Coast, are these glorious trees called the
Brachychiton acerifolius - Illawarra Flame TreeImage by Black Diamond Images via Flickr
Brachychiton acerifolius - Illawarra Flame Tree.  It is a pleasing sight to see these trees so plentiful throughout Queensland and elsewhere.  They are very common and are seen in residential areas as a part of the typical landscape.

Here is another typical Australian flower, the Pom Pom Bottlebrush.  I am fond of it's airy shape and similar appearance to an exploding fireworks display

Shadow - Australian FlowerImage by Georgie Sharp via Flickr

Finale fireworks displayImage by Stephen Edmonds via Flickr

Western Australian Flowers - MyrtleImage by Georgie Sharp via Flickr

Image by Georgie Sharp via Flickr

Another Queensland flower is the Myrtle.  It too makes for a striking display of colors along walkways and garden beds.

Here is the Myrtle flower in white and just as beautiful!

Australian Flowers - MyrtleImage by Georgie Sharp via Flickr

Hats off to Christmas, by Georgie Sharp, is a sign that Christmas is near.

This is called, "Christmas Dance," by Georgie Sharp, and the hats are off!

'Flame' flowers on the ground - little red hat...Image by Tatters:) via Flickr

Above are the Flame flowers on the concrete after they have fallen off the trees.  They look like tiny litte red hats!
Pink Australian flowersImage by frangipani photograph via Flickr

Australian flowersImage by shuttergirl3 via Flickr

red poppy.jpg
Image by esp22 via Flickr

The one above is the "Red Poppy."

Something Wild.....Red PomPom Bottle brush...Image by ArunaR via Flickr

Bottle Brush Tree ?

This is also a "Bottlebrush" flower.  I had this kind in my bridal flower arrangement when Steve and I were married in Tweed Heads, Australia.  They are amazing flowers that actually grow on trees and are seen just about everywhere in Aus. and in gorgeous reds as well.

Large Jacaranda in full bloom.Image via Wikipedia

I would have to say of all of Australias' many beautiful plants, trees, and shrubs, the one that, in my mind, is singularly spectacular is the large jacaranda in full bloom.  Each time we go to Australia to visit the family, I never fail to let out a huge gasp wheneve we approach one of these amazing trees.  Next to a wisteria, it has to be one of my most favorite trees.

Banksia serrata, Henry HeadImage via Wikipedia
Image via Wikipedia

These are known as banksia and grow on the coastal areas of Australia because they can take the salt air.  They resemble the bottlebrush, in a way.
B. rosserae, the most recently discovered and ...Image via Wikipedia

Personally, I am partial to the pink orchid that is abundant in Australia.  They come in all varieties, but I especially prefer the first one shown here, also known as the "Cooktown" vairet, probably after Captain Cook who discovered the Australian continent.  The second photo is of a two toned variety, also very pretty.

Pink OrchidImage via Wikipedia

Pink and white Orchid.Image via Wikipedia

The photo above, by my favorite Australian wildflower photographer, Georgie Sharp, is called "Kangaroo Paws."  How appropriate is that?  Leave it to the Aussies to come up with an original name for this flower!

The flowering eucalyptus flower, by Barbara J H is also another fanciful flower I love.

I know I didn't even get the tip of the iceburg when it comes to Australian wildflowers, but I think you can agree that they are blessed with beauty. 
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Frau said...

All gorgeous flowers...when is the best time to visit Australia to see most of these beauties? Happy New Year!

Expats Again said...

You would want to go in our winter, which is their summer. I would say that by January/February everything is in full bloom. But be forewarned, Australian summers can get very hot.