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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Each year, around this time, I remember my mom.  Here she is in a photo taken when she was in her 70's.  She died when she was 79 in 1999.  She would have been 89  on Dec. 17, 2009. She was a beautiful woman and a loving mother.  Fondly called "Nana" by her many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, she lived for her family and gave of herself unselfishly. 

Mom was a beautiful baby from looking at this photo that was taken of her when she was just a few months old. 

Her beauty would continue to grow throughout her life.

In this photo, my mother (in the middle) with her two sisters (Kathleen on the right, Carolyn on the left), is in her awkward pre-teens. She is just about to blossom into a great beauty.

Mom used to talk about her youth and how she used to ride Harley's.  I could hardly believe some of the stories she would tell us kids about having stood on a man's shoulders on a Harley as he rode over a bridge.  This may have been pure fabrication, but she said she would jump through a fire hoop as he sped down the highway.

  But, from the studying the photo below, all of my doubts about her escapades on a Harley vanished.  I no longer doubt that she could ride a Harley, but could do just about any kind of dare devil trick she wanted. 

Check out her boots and jodpurs! She was stylin'!

Here is further proof, below, of her "Harley" days. 

 That's mom on the far left with the goggles on her head.

I have no idea what mom was trying to do in the photo below, but it looks like she's sitting on a statue of a ship and she's ready to set sail! 

The photo below shows my mother, far right and bottom row,  in a white dress.  It appears to be either a confirmation or graduation photo.  She is stunning.

Mom was keen on athletics in her youth.  Here she is roller skating on what looks to be a really uneven path.  Quite the looker!

The photo below, battered over the years, shows her doing a sommersault into a pool.  I do recall her telling us that she was a life guard at the local city pool.

Below,is a photo of mom at 16 years old.

But my most favorite photo of my mother is the one I've saved for last. 

 It is the one I have framed on my nightstand. 

It fully portrays her fun nature and for me, represents her carefree youth.

 I miss my mother and all she gave to me and my family. 

 She was a great lady who brought us much joy and I think this photo says it all.

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Frau said...

Your mother was a beautiful women with such a zest for life. What an amazing role model you grew up with.

Expats Again said...

Thank you, Frau. You said it best, she did have a zest for life. And in many ways she was a real comedian. We have very fond memories of her.

honeypiehorse said...

She's really beautiful.

Debbie said...

I miss her terribly too!! So many fond memories. Drive In's in the "Green Station Wagon" sitting on the roof eating popcorn that we brought from home and watching scary movies like House on the Haunted Hill....etc. The swim club, her jumping off the life guard chair to save me, she was a loving aunt who gave all of us opportunities and memories that we would never have experienced.

Jul said...

What great photos!

Your mom and I share a birthday. :)

Expats Again said...

A happy birthday wish to you! Just a week away from Thurs! Thanks for your kind comments.

Expats Again said...

Thanks, Debbie,
You know mom loved you too. She was a fun person and loved to be with kids. I think it came natural to her--then again, she was a stay-at-home mom and probably had more free time to do these things.
Love you,

kathy said...

Mom is sitting on the bow sprit of the Flagship Niagara which was dry docked for many years on the bay in Erie PA.

The Niagara is famous as the ship that won the Battle of Lake Erie in 1812 against the English invaders. It's captain was Commodore Oliver Perry. Perry's astounding tactic of sailing in the Niagara down between a double row of English ships with both port and starboard cannons blasting away, defeated the enemy and won the lake battle.

Mom is sitting on that ship's bow circa 1939. Thanks for the memories, sis. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

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Expats Again said...

Cathy, Thanks for the information. I should have emailed you before I posted. I should have remembered that you would know these location!

thanks for stopping by and I should be posting more of these sorts of posts in the future. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

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