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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I have been fortunate enough to be home in the U.S. this year for the Advent season leading up to the Christmas holidays.  Son #2 and his family are occupying our home whilst we are living in Munich and have kicked off the holidays with a tree-triming party for me and the kiddoes.  We listened to holiday music, sang caroles, and drank my daughter-in-laws delicious mint tea  (in Arabic, شاي بالنعناع, shāy bil n'anā'). 

Moroccan mint teaImage via Wikipedia

The children and I assisted their parents in decorating the tree with the combined ornaments of both generations.  Son #2, his wife and I spent most of our time moving three-fourths of the knee high level ornaments to higher destinations on the tree.  The results were spectacular and the children, twins aged 5 and older brother aged 6, were mesmerized!  We decorated with ornaments that were as old as my grandmother who has been deceased for over thirty years.  These have to be at least 80 to a hundred years old.  Some that were my sons' and have to be between 33-38 yrs. old.  And, some brand new ornaments that include the ballerinas pictured in this post.  During my travels, I have added to this collection for my two granddaughters'.  One day, when they have trees of their own, I will donate these to them to keep for their trees.

After the tree was trimmed, we turned out all of the house lights and sat by the fireplace to enjoy the ambiance.  My grandchildren have never been so silent!  They knew that they had created this masterpiece and took delight in their creation by making up their OWN Christmas song.

"Oh, Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree,
Oh how much I love you!"

Next, we gathered hands and began to dance--not to Christmas songs-- but to Arabic music!  Joining hands we did the Dabekh to singers such as  Fares Karam, 3al 3een molyteem.

My little granddaughter, Nee Nee, did a belly dance for us!

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Here is Shane (son # 2) and our little Simo (5) dancing, and our lovely Luna, Simo's mommy, dancing with my son.


Frau said...

What a great time! Are you staying through Christmas?

Expats Again said...

Hi Frau!
Actually, I leave for Munich today to get my husband and then we're off to Australia for the holidays. We have family in that continent too!

Lynda said...

Hi, found you through Amiexpat. We are a mixed up family that has been reeling from one country to another for over 20 years. Lived in Munich many many moons ago.. now we are back in Germany near cologne. Will spend a few days with my Aussie family in munich over xmas.. Such a pretty blog and a really gorgeous Christmas tree! Cheers Lynda