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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The famed Australian Zoo, of Steve Irwin the Crocadile Hunter, is in Brisbane near where our grandchildren live.  Today, Sean, aged 4, asked if Poppy and Mimi would take him and his older sister, Samantha (5) to see the Crocs.  "Crikey!," we couldn't refuse and am I glad we didn't!  I have never spent a more enjoyable day in a zoo in my life.  Here the wildlife are not caged, but roam free in the wild.  Areas are fenced in for our protection, but the animals are in their habitat and are healthy.  It was my first time seeing a kangaroo and koala up close and personal.  The crocs?  Those you stay far away from!

Here is a koala bear eating eucalyptus leaves.  They are just adorable.

Seans' shirt got lots of comments from passersby at the zoo today.  I would love to hear his explanation! 

Sean and Sam enjoyed petting the python. 

This was not a live croc, but a slide the kids could have gone on if they had been an inch taller or 6 years old.  Next time! 

It is really hard impossible for me to comprehend Christmas (Chrissy) in Summer (Down Under). 

The "Crocadile Hunter" may not be with us any longer, but the crocs he rescued still are and they are part of the Animal Planet's Crocaseums' daily shows.  You have to see it to believe it.

 Samantha on a pony ride.

Poppy and Mimi wait with Sean and Sam for the train to take us to Roo Heaven

Sean really was in Roo Heaven when he learned he could pet them.

Thanks, Steve, for making our holiday with our grandchildren extra special!

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Debbie said...

Wow!! looks like you guys had a wonderful time with the grandkiddies and the zoo and animals are great. Nice to see something different than the standard type of animals that we see back here. Enjoy!

Courtney said...

This looks incredible!! Also, let me know how the eggnog turns out and if you come across measurements that work better for you. I've done it once, without measuring myself, so I need give it another shot paying better attention! Merry Christmas.