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Monday, November 16, 2009


We are moving, but not immediately.  Our sources tell us that in order to secure a good residence in Munich, one has to start early. 

How early?

You should start as soon as possible to whittle away and eliminate places you don't want to live until you get a short list of places you would love to live.

We are just beginning that process.

Today we took a 15 minute train ride to Furstenfeldbruck to take a look-see.   The company is paying for our apartment now, but in 18 months, we will have to decide if we want to live here permanently and then it will be up to us to pay for our own living accommodations.  As much as we love where we live presently, it might be too steep for us considering the fact that we are still making mortgage payments on our home in Ohio.

Where to live?  My husband rides his bike everywhere in Munich and he has become excited about the little village of Furstenfeldbruck.  Here are some photos I took of our day trip.  It's a bit early for me to make a decision about living here, but it was a nice way to spend the day.

This photo was of the Ampere River reflecting one of the buildings of the cloister in Furstenfeldbruck.

The picturesque steeple of the cloister. 

Here is a little shrine that was up against a hill near the cloister.

One of the many gardens in front of the Cloisters.

I told the hubby that his choice of clothing blended in with the lovely fall foilage. 

Here I am trying to hold up this tree near the river!

If you are acquainted with Furstenfeldbruck, any information you might have that could help us either include the village or strike it off our short list would be appreciated.  This is just the beginning of what looks to be a long search.  Then, the real work begins...how to get an actual home or apartment in our favorite city/village. 

Maybe we should sell the homestead in Ohio, we're loving it here in Pasing-Obermenzing?
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honeypiehorse said...

Will your company pay for a Makler that shows you apartments? Some of the best apartments are kind of exclusive and hard to get in off the street. Although maybe not so much these days.

Frau said...

Good luck finding a place I know when we were looking here there wasn't a lot available I was shocked. Our lease is up in July and we find out soon if we are continuing our contract another two years. If so I'd like to move closer to city. Good luck it looks really quaint there.

Expats Again said...

Frau, interested in knowing why you want nearer to the city--since we're thinking of moving further out. Just wanting to weigh ALL of the pros and cons.

Anonymous said...

It was rather interesting for me to read that blog. Thanks for it. I like such themes and everything connected to this matter. I would like to read a bit more soon.

Laura said...

I would love to live near Munich, such an interesting and beautiful city!