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Friday, November 6, 2009


Paul Giamatti as Miles and Thomas Haden Church...

 I just finished watching the movie, "Sideways."  I saw it when it first came out in the theaters and didn't think too much of it.  Seeing it this time, with new eyes, was a revelation.  It has to be one of the top all time comeback movies--if you can tolerate the protagonists' sleazy sidekick who is obviously going through a botched up catharsis of his own. 

sidewaysThe movie inspired a whole nations' love affair with wine, California's wine country, grape growing, and new wine connoisseurs. Pinot Noirs enjoyed a popularity in 2004 when the movie was released that they have never known before (a 16% increase in the U. S, while Merlots dropped 2%). This was probably due to Paul Giamotti', the main character, diparaging the Merlot over the Pinot Noirs of California's Santa Inez valley. 

Which do you prefer?  Pinot or Merlot?  Or do you have another favorite?


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1 comment:

Corrie Howe said...

I live both but would go with a Merlot over a Pinot