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Thursday, November 12, 2009


Over the past 17 years  we have made numerous guesses as to what our grandchildren might like for a Christmas gift or a birthday gift.  But it wasn't until THIS year that one of them said, "THANK YOU" in his "OWN" handwriting

Some of our grand kids are just now learning how to print. Traditionally, their parents were always prompt with a generous amount of appreciation.  They have never neglected to instruct their children to say, "Thank You!" Three siblings, on their most recent birthday, (all in September!!) gave us a very special SKYPE "Thank You."  We were able to see the children, with their gifts!   One of their gifts was a Tomy Megasketcher.  In the few short months since their birthdays,  the children have learned to write their names on their Megasketchers!  Written "Thank Yous" are now just a few steps away.  Soon, like their older cousin, Nico, 7, they will be able to send their very own handwritten "Thank Yous." 

Our two Aussie grandchildren are also still too young to write, yet are encouraged to phone their Mimi and Papa with their words of thanks.  Oftentimes, their mum will share their happiness with a certain gift with us by email.  They too are being taught how to express their thanks. 

It surely wasn't the gift we sent our 7 year-old grandson, Nico, that resulted in his display of gratitude because we have sent all of the grandchildren gifts of equal or greater value throughout the years.  Since he is of a tender age, we can't help but credit his mommy and daddy for instilling this wonderful quality of of thankfulness in him.  By their diligence in making sure that no gift goes by without a courteous "Thank You," we have great hopes that he will grow up continuing to be appreciative of the kindness of others.

In the past, when he was too young to write, his mom would send us emails with photos of him opening his gift with a huge smile!  She would always write a kind note of thanks, and have Nico phone us to personally thank us.

 Now, following her lead, here is what we received yesterday in overseas post for his most recent birthday gift:

                     What a wonderful gift to give to your children, thankfulness

In this season of Thanksgiving, while we are all inspired to think about what we are thankful for, my husband and I have to say that these grandchildren don't let an opportunity go by without thanking those who have been kind to them. They are shining examples of what the holiday is all about.    

I think you can tell how very proud we are of them!   Thank you, my darlings!  (And of course, thank you to their mommies and daddies as well, you are doing a wonderful job!)
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Anonymous said...

Sniff Sniff... I never know when I'm going to laugh or cry when I read your blog :)

BTW, you got your thank you note at the same time my mom got hers in Atlanta. CRAZY USPS.


honeypiehorse said...

What a wonderful post. How many grandkids do you have, anyway? Sounds like hundreds.

Frau said...

Ah! that is so sweet. I love the hand written notes the best.

Expats Again said...

We have a blended family of five grown children. Two sons in the U.S.(hers) and two sons and a daugher in Australia (his). The two sons in the U.S. have produced 8 grandchildren between them (one set of twins). Our Australian daughter has a boy and a girl. The two Aussie sons have not contributed yet. Total = 10, oh, and one brand-new great-granddaughter! Whew!

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