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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I saw this toy in Milan, Italy while shopping.  It clearly is a robot, but other than decoration, I don't think it does anything.  I do love it's design and almost bought it for it's funkiness.  I'm going to have to start taking notes of brand names and designers when I find these things.  Shortly after I took this photo with my i-phone a clerk came up to me and told me I couldn't take photos in the store.  What is that all about?  You can buy it and then take the photos, why can't you photograph it first?  Is this a law?  Would  I have been arrested?

As you can see from the photos below, I don't take well  to store clerks telling me what I can and can't do.  As long as I'm not stealing the merchandise, I should be able to photograph it.  It's out there for public viewing anyway.  Am I missing something here?  Is this common practice?  I could see the logic if it were under wraps or hadn't yet become merchandise for sale.

 This is a childs' bag and I adore it!  I spied this little gem also in Milan while I was hiding behind store shelves, surreptitiously stealing a photo shot with the trusty i-phone  You would have thought I was a detective hunting down a cheating spouse or the paparrazi with all of my furtive moves! 

When I got home, I Googled "Nourrice" and only found links to a French baby sitting service.  If you are familiar with the brand and have a link, would you kindlly leave it in my comment section?  I am re-thinking this for a gift.

When shopping in Milan, there are so many beautiful things to see.  I don't know why, on this particular day, I was drawn to whimsy, but I am loving this dinnerware set.. Amazingly, they are made out of  plastic! I know!  I had to go up and lift the plate to make sure.  There were other patterns that were equally as interesting.  I love the colors!  What fun! 

Word of advice...if you see something and you absolutely love (and can afford it) buy it on the spot.  You wouldn't believe the number of things I pass by, only to regret that I didn't snap them up when I first saw them.  Being an impulsive shopper, taking photos of the things I love, seems to delay the urge.  Yet, when I see the photo --I still long for the object. Do you have the same problem when you see something you love?
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Corrie Howe said...

I bet they don't like you taking photos for the same reason my mom takes photos...she then goes home and makes it her self or has my dad make it. :-)

honeypiehorse said...

Nice stuff! I love Milan.

Anonymous said...

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