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Saturday, September 5, 2009


Cabo San LucasImage by Hello Daly via Flickr

We're very excited to revisit one of our most frequent playgrounds, Cabo San Lucas. Our plane takes off in just under two hours and by evening we will be on the beach, margaritas in hand, watching the Baja sunset.

Sunset in Cabo San Lucas

This will be our sixth trip to Los Cabos in less that six years. I can safely say it is our most favorite place to vacation. We love the lifestyle, the weather, and Steve loves the surf this time of year. I guess I should say, right after a hurricane! Big waves make for lots of fun!

We're trying a new resort this time. I'll give you the scoop after our week there. It's hard to beat Fiesta Americana and the Hilton where we usually vacation. This year we waited a bit too long for the booking and chose another resort. Crossing my fingers it measures up

Cabo is well known for its pristine beaches.

I've packed three books, my knitting and crochet, and lots of sun screen. We have our fins, sandals, swimsuits and my camera all packed away. I may not blog for a week (or who knows, I just might). The weather will be a mid- 80's, low 90's--very nice beach Cabo San Lucas.

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Frau said...

Have a safe trip! What is the name of the resort you so to? We have a time share at Pueblo Bonito Blanc and PB Sunset. I like Blanc the best cause its on Baja side and we can walk to town. Have fun!

Expats Again said...

We stayed at the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach. It was a spectacular week. I'm glad to hear you've been there. We absolutely love it in Cabo..it's our l7th time in 4 yrs. It's our first time at PB. Usually Hilton or Fiesta Americana--both very nice as well..