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Monday, September 28, 2009


Image by beaunoOktoberfestse via Flickr

Yes, it's that time of year,

OKTOBERFEST, that is! Time to get ready to

squash yourself into the next train that arrives and join

the other 27,000 passengers headed for the same

destination as you. Wait, did I say passengers? Well..

they are riding the train... like you... but they are clearly

identifiable OKTOBEREST goers. Notice the girls are

all wearing braids and have those big heart shaped cookies hung by shoelaces on their necks and

the men have those red and white checked shirts with those silly looking

capri leather pants. Oh, and the knee socks! Now that's something you don't see everyday!

And when was the last time you saw a man wear a cap with a feather on top? Or suspenders!

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld answers a...

Ooops! OK, I'll give you that one. Sorry, Larry.

It's like a pre-Halloween costume party out here...24/7. You just can't escape it.

I was at KFC getting a coffee today and was greeted by a buxom waitress wearing the traditional

Bavarian dirndl. "Hey", I said to her in perfect English. "Aren't you supposed to be wearing that

at OKTOBERFEST? "Nine," she says. (But I know I spelled it wrong.)

The mini-skirt/dirndl is an interesting combin...

People here are just a bit mad at the moment. No one is in a serious mood. It's all about the

beer, I reckon. The news says the rides, food stalls, and game booths have taken in less sales

than in years past, but the beer tents are doing a spectacular business.

Atta Way! The economy sucks, so why not drown our sorrows?? Belly up to the bar boys,

it's gonna be a bumpy road ahead....Prost!

It may be OKTOBERFEST, but the Egyptians had it right: "A mouth of a perfectly happy

man is filled with beer.--Ancient Egyptian Wisdom, 2200 B.C

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Deb F said...

Wish I waas there to see and celebrate with you guys. Although I don't especially care for beer, I could manage to choke some down in the name of fun.....:-)

Expats Again said...

Hi Deb!
Great to see you post on my blog. Perhaps that is the time you would like to come to Munich. They serve soft drinks and tea as well, lol. Whenever you choose to come, we WILL have fun!