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Monday, August 31, 2009

We're flying out of Detroit on Saturday, Sept. 5th, for our summer vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It appears that we will be on the heels of Jimena!
Weather Underground forecasts the hurricane to hit ground in the Baja peninsula on Thursday of this week. Viewing the map at the right, Jimenas' path will pass right through Los Cabos which is located at the southern most tip of the peninsula.

I have never been in a hurricane, nor have I seen the devastation that remains after a hurricane has hit. I will be watching its' progress for the next few days to see if it looks imminent. The resort will probably have updates for us as well.

Looks like my husband will get his wish! "BIG SURF!"ATLANTIC OCEAN - AUGUST 19: In this satellite ...

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Frau said...

Good luck I also vacation there, we have two time shares and I hope that that damage is minimal. Have fun and have a margarita at the Office for me.

Expats Again said...

Will do. Have you been to Sammy Haggar's brother's bar/restaurant on the beach at Pescadaro? Wonderful! I hope your timeshares survive unscathed.