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Sunday, August 16, 2009


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I just read an article in the International Jerusalem Post entitled, "Managing anti-Semitism in Germany," written by Henryk M. Broder a leading commentator and writer for Der Spiegle and Benjamin Weinthal, The Jerusalem Post correspondent in Germany. In the article, largely disparaging, the writers summarized their points with these three short-term remedies:
  • "Academics, journalists, NGOs and politicians should attach a human face to modern anti-Semitism (anti-Israelism)."
  • "The myth that the accusation of anti-Semitism is as lethal as anti-Semitism itself ought to be dismissed for the nonsense that it is."
  • "And insulating oneself against the charge of anti-Semitism by employing hard-core anti-Zionist Jews should be recognized as a mixture of cowardice and anti-Semitism.

They went further to say that, "Wallowing in meaningless resolutions and a fluffy anti-Semitism parliamentary commision represents the path of least resistance; it means managing anti-Semitism instead of confronting it when it comes disguised as criticism of Israel."

A call to more activism by critics of Germanys' battle against this disease is the

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plea by these

Jerusalem victoryImage by afagen via Flickr

writers. As the United States deals with similar issues while a new president prepares to put his own stamp on U.S./Israeli issues, it will be interesting to see if we can come to a common understanding of this complex issue.

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