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Monday, August 31, 2009


Black Persian Kitten Frolicking in GrassImage via Wikipedia

For days now we have been shooing off a frequent visitor, a black kitten. She has made herself quite at home in our attached screened-in porch off of the dining room. She purrs and licks the glass on the sliding glass window seeking someone to pay attention to her and let her in the house. When that doesn't work, she begins to claw at the glass and purr some more. She has found out how to sit atop of the lounge in the porch and peek inside of my kitchen window that is above my sink. Here she pleads for me to allow her entrance.

I made the mistake after ignoring her for two consecutive days, of putting out milk for her to drink. BIG MISTAKE! Now, she won't leave. She is adorable, but I can't take a pet back to Germany and besides, my husband is allergic to their dander. Still, in spite of being ignored, tossed off the deck, and starved, she keeps coming back.

I fear there will be a trip to the humane society tomorrow if she returns.

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Frau said...

Oh! She's cute. I'm allergic too but they sure know how to get to your heart.

Greg said...

Same sentiments as Frau!Myself and my wife just adoted a Black Lappinkoira(Lappland Dog)She is 12 years old and they would have put her to sleep if no one wanted her in 3 days.We just had tyo take her.I feel for your predicament,but have you tried putting an advertisement in the local paper.You should be surprised at how mannnny Cat lovig people there are who wopuld be only to willing to offer a home

I hope this helps,and God Bless you and the cat.Unfortunately I cannot help as We live in Finland

Regards Greg

Expats Again said...

Frau, you are so right. She is just beautiful.
Greg, God Bless you for adopting the Lappland dog. I am going to take her to the humane society tomorrow. You may want to check this blog tomorrow....there's been a new development!
Thanks for commenting,