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Thursday, December 9, 2010


I am revisiting (with new photos) the highlight of 2010 for us.  Our trip to Paris given to us by my husband's company.  A lot has happened in 2010, but this trip was the most memorable for us.  This post highlights the second day of a four day trip.  I think you will understand why it is so special in our memory.

The mansion pictred above,  the Museé Jacquemart-Andre´,  in Paris, France, was the venue for a cocktail reception and dinner.  The photo was taken before the guests would arrive. 

The Musèe Jacquemart-Andrè was once a private home of Èdouard Andrè (1833-1894) and wife Nèlie Jacquemart to display the art they collected during their lives.Èdouard spent most of his fortune buying works of art and then exhibited them in his new mansion built in 1869.  He married a well-known society painter, Nèlie.  Every year the couple traveled to Italy collecting large amounts of art for their collection, now one of the finest collections of Italian art in France.  The mansion, with it's spectacular art collection, was bequeathed to the Institut de Franc.

Once our driver stopped outside, he let us out and we had to enter this arcade to gain access to the mansion.  You can see the grounds of the mansion at the other end of the arcade.

We have just exited the arcade and are walking up onto the courtyard where the cocktail reception will be held.  Notice the small candles lighting the walkway on either side.  What a romantic touch.

Candle votives lit the walkway and uplights were scattered throughout the courtyard drawing attention to the plants, trees, and sculptures.  A violinist was playing for us while waiters mingled about with trays of champagne and delicious canopies.

Our evening was just beginning, but for us it was the beginning of a personal fairytale.  We were in the most romantic city in the world and we were being treated to an evening of splendor way beyond our expectations.  It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for both of us.

 Calla lillys in glass vases adorned each table and the champagne just kept flowing (notice the smile on my hsband's face?)

Once inside the mansion, we were given a private tour and allowed to view priceless works of art that are housed permanently here.  From this room onward, no photos were allowed, but words cannot express the beauty of this stunning collection of art that we were privy to view.

 Dinner was beginning and the waiters were standing at attention waiting for the guests to fill the tables.

 During dinner, we were treated to the hauntingly beautiful voice of this Parisian singer, and Edith Piaf sound alike.

 She delighted us and was accompanied by a pianist, accordionist and a bassist.

After dinner, a desert bar was in the adjoining room.  Along with many deserts there were assorted fruits and French cheese.

As the evening drew to a close, everyone was extraordinarily full and longed to return to the hotel.

Our car was waiting for us and our fairytale evening was about to end.  Bon soir, Musee´Jacquemont-Andre´. Nous reviendrons.


Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Oh my, what a stunning place! Love the red walls.

Champagne makes me smile (alot) too!

One more thing... Can your husband get my husband a job with his company too? Nice perk!

Joyce said...

Hi-got your message...I left you another email today but just in case you're not getting them thought I'd add a comment here.

I did get your email and I emailed you back last week at your yahoo address so check there. I blogged about it last Friday so check out my blog for that day.

I loved the coincidence~it's a great story!
Merry Christmas!