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I am married to the love of my life and am finally able to shower him with all of the attention he deserves. I am now retired and living the life here in Europe. I am an American, he is an Australian, and this is our second overseas address. The first was Shanghai, China and now Munich, Germany. Come along and live the life with us as we continue our adventure of discovering all Europe has to offer.

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Monday, December 20, 2010


It is our first Christmas in Munich and we decided to host a Christmas Open House for all of our new friends and colleagues.  We sent out about 30 invitations and figured that would be about 60 people, if everyone was able to attend.  To our great joy, nearly everyone was able to make it.  Not knowing German traditions during Christmas time, we probably made a few faux pas along the way, but if we did, our German guests were very understanding and kind by not drawing it to our attention.  In fact, they were thrilled to be invited to an American household and to learn about our traditions.

Hubby made out his list of invitees and I made out mine.  It was great to meet the people he has spoken about, but I have not yet been able to meet.  Now, I have a face to put with a name and in the process, I have made many new friends as well.  Likewise, my husband had not had the opportunity to meet any of my friends and he was finally able to make their acquaintance. 

We were both very pleased to bring everyone together in our apartment for an Open House; a very typical American custom that needed some "translation" for the Germans amongst us.  I guess the idea of coming and leaving at will is not something they are accustomed to doing.  It hardly mattered as everyone enjoyed themselves and stayed for the duration which made for a wonderful party.

Both Americans and Germans like food and we did our best to please both palates.  The standard veggie tray was recognizable by the Germans and they commented on it being a standard "American" party dish.  Who knew?

  Sliced sausages and mustards were meant for the Germans, but enjoyed by everyone. 

Christmas cookies are an international favorite that hardly needs translating in either country. 

Everyone enjoyed toasting to a "Merry Christmas" and starting the holiday celebrations. We were thrilled that so many were able to join us in the merriment and vowed to make this an annual tradition.

We have just decided to live in Germany permanently and we look forward to increasing our guest list to include all of the wonderful people we have yet to meet.  This party was so successful that we both agreed that we need to entertain these lovely people on many more occasions in the future.  

One of my friends came up to me and said that he had taken Salsa lessons and knew one of the gals my husband knew from that class.  Munich is a large city of at least one million people so the chances that two people at our party had both taken the same salsa class was rather remarkable to us and made for a great ice breaker.

 Some of the guests who were lucky enough to find a seat!

Have a blessed holiday and may your life always be filled with good friends and laughter!


Formerly known as Frau said...

Wow you were brave! That is a wonderful new tradition you started. Everything looks wonderful. Merry Christmas....Frohe Weihnachten!

irmie said...

I love the idea that you had a Christmas Open House and included your new German friends. Fellowship in any language is always a good thing. And, as you said, all of your friends enjoyed the party.
Your food pictures look wonderful and perfect party yummies for everyone.
Merry Christmas.
Irmie Eichner
Nashville, TN

Jul said...

Congrats on a successful party!

We went to an American-hosted open house this year, too, and now that I think about it, every single one of the German guests arrived right at the start. It might be a hard habit to break.

The Honourable Husband said...

Jolly good decision to stay here permanently. What influenced your decision...apart from the obvious fact that you've fallen in lve with Munich's many charms?

Expats Again said...

The Honorable: Aside from loving Munich (and Germany as a whole), my husband is in the process of negotiating a new (permanent) contract with his company. Knowing we will be living here permanently, we are thrilled that it is, in our opinion, the most civilized country in the world!