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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Winter in Munich is magical.  Small Bavarian villages that resemble the Christmas Villages that sit on your shelf or windowsill are blanketed in frosty shades of white.  Time appears to stand still as you admire the centuries old architecture seemingly frozen in time.  Golden lights flicker inside of small lead glass windows and smoke puffs out of chimneys as in days past.

But life does not stand still.  When the snow begins, the locals are out in full force.  Alpine walkers, joggers, cross country skiers, sledding, ice skating and even bicyclists cover the landscape. 

These photos are all were taken in front of our house that sits on the edge of a city park.  A river runs through the park and a pond that becomes a skating rink is directly across from us. 

A small hill is the neighborhood sledding destination so there are always plenty of families with their hot cocoa watching their little ones sled or ski down the hill.  Sounds of laughter and fun emanate in the early evening air as parents home from work head out of doors for some evening sledding with their tots.

 Rosy cheeked little ones scamper up the hills in anticipation of yet another exhilarating ride down the slippery slope. 

It is the perfect bunny hill for the beginner skier.  Here, a grandmother is teaching her grandchild the proper technique for skiing downhill. 

 (photo by Martin Addendorf)

Here Munchen locals are on the Nymphemberger canal in front of the palace playing a game that reminds me of curling or bocci on ice. ( If you know the name of this game, please leave me a reply.  I have been asking expats and no one seems to know it.)  It is quite popular here and they even play it on the frozen pond across from our house.

Crowds of people on the canal in front of the palace.  In spite of the cold temperatures, people turn out to watch the sport and have a brat and bier (or a toasty glüwein).

(photo by Martin Addendorf)

The locals aren't the only ones who seem to make the most of the season.  Check out the swans and ducks in front of the palace.  

They aren't going to let a little snow stop their fun either!


Formerly known as Frau said...

Your pictures today make me miss Germany....absolutely gorgeous! I loved how time stood still there! Have a wonderful New Year!

Maribeth said...

Beautiful. I have always found the Bavarians ready for anything and are all usually great sports enthusiasts.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am a Bavarian that spent some time in Canada and started then reading blogs of English speaking expats in Germany who made the reverse experience. One of my favorites is yours, I love reading your blog! The game is called "Eisstockschießen", it is an old sport that is very popular in the region of the Alps. You can read more about it here: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockschießen.

Expats Again said...

Hi Anonymous,
I am happy to hear that you enjoy reading my blog. I am also so happy that you provided the name of the game the German's play on the ice, "Eisstockschiessen.". I will certainly look it up on the web site you provided. Thank you!

Expat in Germany said...

Great photos! I know the snow has caused lots of problems in Germany, but at the same time, it's beautiful. I'm Canadian and spent my first Christmas in Germany and felt right at home with all the snow!