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Thursday, August 26, 2010


So, our grandson has been returned to Michigan safely and all that is left are these photos in my computer files.  The photos are his and they record his journey through Paris.  It seems that monuments, architecture, art and nature are not what intrigues an American 11 year-old.  But it's good to know he has an artistic eye.  The following images belong to Eli and I've taken the liberty of calling the collection, "Memories of Paris."

While I appreciate that he can look at the world and see beauty in what I see as a pox, I really tried to guide his attention elsewhere.  However, I'm fairly sure he returned home with a camera filled with graffiti and little else.  Ahhhh, boys.

Having said all that, here is one of his shoes that I regard as rather clever!  Nice job, Eli.  At least it is color coordinated (insert smile).


blueviolet said...

I do appreciate the artistry within graffiti, because it can really be talent sometimes. Nonetheless, it's still vandalism when you cut to the chase.

Expats Again said...

I wholeheartedly agree, blue. Then again the "Nasty" one is just plain, nasty.

Kristin said...

I love these photos! They're so refreshing rather than the obligatory Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame photos. Your grandson has a great eye!

planetgermany said...

I like his photos. Refreshingly different. Don't get him spray paint for Christmas though... ;-)

Expats Again said...

Kristin, I agree, but like planet says, "Don't get him spray paint for Christmas though.." He would certainly disagree, lol.