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Thursday, August 19, 2010



For those of you who actually do follow my blog, and I know a few of you do because you are so kind to leave a comment from time to time or email me: I apologize for not alerting you to the fact that I was hosting my 11-year old grandson for three weeks and my blogging came to a virtual stand still. (If you are reading this and would like to follow me on my blog, just click "Followers," at the bottom of the page.  I would love to follow you as well). 

It was fantastic to spend my days doing things 11 yr. olds like to do.  He left to go back to Michigan on Tuesday and I was in a real slump yesterday.  I missed him so much. 

 But, today is a new day and the sun is finally out shining!  I am back to blogging and my photography, so you will hear more from me in the coming days, for sure , lucky you (ha, ha!)

The lake above (I know!  Could it possibly be more idyllic?) was on our way up the Alps, through Switzerland, to Splugen Pass.  We chose this route to Italy because of the vistas and we were not disappointed, they were just amazing.  

Here are a few we especially enjoyed.

Hubby and grandson on a bridge over a river in the Alps
(They're smiling, but I was a nervous wreck photographing this--I'm standing across the one lane road of the bridge while cars whiz by, a shockingly steep precipice behind me.  I couldn't wait for this shot to be over!)

Mountain Majesty
I am an Ohio gal, born and bred.  Seeing the Alps is never boring to me. (Sure beats corn fields mile after mile.)   I am continually in awe of their beauty and strength.  One day, I would love to live in the mountains and breathe the fresh air daily.  

At the Summit of Mt. Spluga

His right foot is still in Switzerland......

and his left foot is in Italy!

(How cool is that? In two countries at the same time?)

Looking back at the Swiss Alps

Looking back at the mountain pass is an exhilarating  sight.  You can't tell, but we are at least 3,000 meters high when this photo was taken.  That leaves a heck of a lot of mountain below, and looking down while your husband navigates the hairpin turns into the numerous switchbacks and tunnels is NOT recommended. 

Altitude and motion can cause queasiness; just ask my grandson who nearly lost his lunch during this drive.

Telephoto lens view 

(You don't think I'd actually go up there now, do you?)

Trickling waterfall into bubbling creek

This is more my style!

 We were treated to many more waterfalls, rivers, and pristine aqua blue lakes on our way down the Alps into Italy...but, more about that in my next blog...


blueviolet said...

Oh my gosh, how absolutely beautiful!

irmie said...

This was an experience I am sure your grandson will never forget. He is at the age where he is old enough to enjoy the beauty of the earth and, certainly of the Alps.
I know that you and your husband are in Munich, and I am curious if you have heard of Couchsurfing, and if so, do you participate? I will be in Germany next August and still need a place to stay in Munich. Maybe you could recommend an inexpensive hotel or a ferienwohnung.
Loved all of your photos.

Expats Again said...

Irmie, we do not participate in couchsurfing, but try this link: Immobilienscout24.de I think you might also try Toytowngermany.de
Other than that, there are great hostels and gasthaus'. Good luck and let me know when you arrive, perhaps we can meet for a Pils!

planetgermany said...

Lovely views! Next time he comes, he can head up our way and stand with one foot in Germany, one in the Netherlands and one in Belgium. Oh... hang on... he'll need a foot transplant first though...

Joyce said...

Seeing the Alps is never boring to me either! Even if its just in pictures. You have some gorgeous shots!

likeschocolate said...

Gorgeous photos! I am glad your grandson was able to come to visit. What a wonderful opportunity for him.