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Saturday, July 17, 2010



On top of that, she is holding a wad of cash in her hand with a death hold grip!  

She was so excited to celebrate her Daddy's birthday with us today.  Auntie Lona made a Taco Bar and Fajita's for the festivities.  Afterwords, we celebrated with cake and ice cream and then the games began. The family paired up and the silliness ensued.  Today they played, "Minute to Win It," and she  won a number of challenges such as stacking Ding Dongs on her forehead.  

They stacked apples, carried cotton balls in spoons they held in their mouth while crawling across the finish line, knocked over empty pop cans with an orange in a nylon tied to a belt around their waist, and tried to keep three balloons in the air for a full minute.  

Missy's daddy and her Papa were winners too!  They survived all of the games, but nearly succumbed to the rigors of bouncing their heads with a pedometer clipped to a headband
in order to see who had the largest number of head shakes!   Papa reminded us of Joe Cocker as he bobbed his head up and down.


For each win, the contestant received one crisp dollar bill from Mimi and Papa.  

The race was on.  It didn't take any encouragement to involve the participants. Pitting sister against brother, father against son, and brother against brother, and cousin against cousin~~ to the victors went the spoils!

Hoola hoop in hand, our little Miss was confident of winning any contest in which a hoola hoop was involved (but did she know that she was going to blow bubbles through it??)  Probably not, but nothing was going defeat her.

There were no losers, only winners, and all were delighted with their personal game achievements. My son, the birthday boy, was thrilled to be with his children and family for such a fun-filled day.  His brother, pictured above with Missy and her brother, was equally thrilled to have his nephews and niece come to visit. 

It was a day filled with love and fun for all.



Rachel Cotterill said...

That sounds like a fabulously fun contest :)

christine said...

thank you for stopping by to offer congratulations - it's really odd to be congratulated on doing something I've enjoyed so much:-)

Your family celebration sounds wonderful, what a lucky lot they are!