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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Posted by PicasaYep, that's him.  The infamous Tillikum or Shamu (stage name) from Orlando's killer whale exhibit at Sea World.  It was particularly difficult for me to watch this show without thinking of Dawn Brancheau's, his trainer, death just weeks before.  I highly respect the men and women who work with these awesome creatures.

I am not so sure I could ever be so brave after knowing my collegue was attacked by a killer whale.

Much more to my liking would be to train seals and otters.  The pirate show at Disney was hilarious.

My grandson got a kick out of it.

Disney wasn't just about animals, we enjoyed the characters just as much.  My grandson loves King Louie (on the left) from the "Jungle Book."  We were worried that he wouldn't see his favorite character and were thrilled when we saw him. 

Another favorite is "Lion King" and Disney puts on a special Lion King show with all of the characters and songs.  My grandson got so excited that he jumped up and began to dance on the floor.  He was dancing all around when Security came and asked us to make him sit back down.  At the finale, one of the characters walked all across the stage to kneel down at my grandson's level and play with him.  It was a special moment for him and one he will always remember.

I'm not quite sure what the monkey is doing, but my grandson reckons he was picking bugs from his hair.  (He loves pretending he is a monkey). And to tell you the truth, it does look that way to me too! 

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