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Monday, April 12, 2010


Posted by PicasaOver Spring break, my son, his wife, and their three children accompanied me to Orlando, Florida for what turned out to be the vacation of a life time. We had picture perfect Florida weather generally around the 83 F mark and believe it or not, perfectly mannered children. They exceeded our expectations considering we drove for two days averaging 12 hour days, including rest stop breaks. The week was so action-packed that all three youngsters came back to the resort each evening totally spent. When little ones ask to go to bed at night, you know you've succeeded in making their day unimaginably fun.

It was Easter week so the resort at Hilton in Orlando threw out all of the stops when it came to children's activities.  Face painting, magicians, balloons, games, crafts, and movies while swimming in the pool were some of the kids favorite activities that week.

We were especially thrilled with the fact that the weather was spectacular each day and the children were able to practice their swimming skills.  Within the ten days, both were dog paddling, turning sommersaults under water, and floating on their backs.  Having only just taken beginner swim lessons last summer and not having access to a pool for 8 months, we were thrilled with
their achievements!

Simo got free rides from Baba, but was able to touch the bottom and he relished in his new-found freedom.  He was all smiles and grins when near the water. 

This was one of the many pools at the resort.  The kids liked the waterfall and the cave at this pool the best.

When the little ones tired of swimming were ordered out of the pool, they had lots of other activities at the resort to occupy themselves

The play area was canopied and had the spongy, recycled rubber floor surface that minimized injury from falls.

Our suite slept 8, included a full kitchen, two screened in porches, a livingroom and two full bathrooms. 

This room included a large jacuzzi and a separate bathroom.  Since I left my hubby back in Munich, my son and daughter-in-law were pleased to have this lovely space. 

The bright and cheerful living room area as well as one of the bedrooms had pull out couches making sleeping arrangements very comfortable for the 6 of us.

My wonderful daughter-in-law and  cook extraordinare, treated us to amazing Jordanian dishes each day.  Fatoosh, hummos, salad fool,  Maqlooba, Labanee, pita bread, and spinach, cheese, and meat pies were just a few of the spectacular dishes she set before us.   Thank you, my dear, for all of your efforts.  We all appreciated the delicious dishes you created for us.

Baba, thank you for the entertainment!  We loved your Easter Bunny hat that played music and waved your bunny ears too and fro.  You make us laugh and we love you.  I loved having you, my son, and your family with me this Easter in Florida. I couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable time.

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Laura said...

oh how lovely, looks like so much fun! We took our little boys to disneyland in CA after new years'. It was great and wonderful to soak up some sun and warmer temps than in germany!
Laura in Ludwigsburg