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Thursday, January 7, 2010


It has been my dream to go to the highest peak of the Alps in Germany and I finally made it there. WOO HOO!  It blew me away! 

While we were viewing the Alps, we noticed a couple with a duffel bag leave the viewing tower and go dangerously to the precipice of the Zugspitze (the tallest mountain in Germany, approx. 3000 m.  

Here is what happened next:

Viewing platform on the top of Zugspitze.

Crazy couple crawling down the platform on Zugspitze.

Daredevil man at the edge of the mountain.

Spectators on the platform looking down at Daredevil man.

Man lays out nylon material on the edge of the mountain.

Material swells.

Lift off!

Heading into this!

Floating on air currents.

Trying to clear the zenith.

Then off into the clouds.

Into the valley.

Gliding gently.

Between mountain peaks.


And ......

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honeypiehorse said...

These are stunning.

Expat Traveler said...

wow - now you are talking... My favorite area of the world.. =) Beautiful pics!