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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


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Thanks to a faithful reader (you know who you are),  I was alerted to the fact that PayPal sent a confirmation asking me to activate my account to my blog post

 It wasn't their fault entirely.  I inadvertently gave them my blog email address and so they sent the confirmation to that address and by golly, it posted on my blog!

Good thing the account is password protected and I hadn't activated it yet. 

 Also a good thing that I cancelled the account once I learned of this mishap  my mistake. 

So, for you bloggers out there, BEWARE!  The email address attached to you blog account is for posting only.

That being said, I have decided to nix the whole PayPal account altogether.

Thank you faithful reader--for watching my back.  You are the best!

Oh, and I phoned PayPal and they said they would send a confirmation of cancelling my account to my blog!  

So don't be surprised if you see it here!

The Wary Blogger.....
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