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Saturday, January 30, 2010


On Sunday, January 24 at Lake Tegernsee in the Bavarian Alps. 

We visited this hotel and it's gourmet restaurant.  The chef has been awarded  two Michelin stars and is working very hard for a third.
Uber, roughly translates into "the best or the highest quality," and "fahrt" translates into a "journey." 
A 2-star Michelin ranking is exceedingly rare.  Only 26,  2-star restaurants exist in France and only 91 exist in the world!
Hence, our experience at the "Uberfahrt at Tegernsee," will go down as one of those,
 "Once in a Lifetime" experiences.
The hotel is a 5-star hotel that claims, "To leave nothing to be desired," and it fully lived up to it's reputation as you will soon see.

The menu, by Chef Christian Juergens.

Course One, Appetizer
It looked like small pebbles, but when you bit into it, it was like a warm brie that simply
melted in your mouth.

Course One, meant wine One.  We chose Champagne.  Two amazing bread appetizers and butter completed the Course.

Course Two, carmelized onion in foam.

Course Three, fresh salmon sashimi with caviar served on an ice cold rock! There is a white creme fraische that tasted like it had been subjected to cryogenics or fast frozen.  The exterior was cold and crunchy, but the interior was s - m -o -o -t- h- e!

Course Four, a creation of veal head and rucola sauce.

Course Five,  beetroot sauce and medalians of duck breast.

A Chardonay

Course Six,  an encrusted Rainbow Trout with a subtle leek sauce.

Course Seven, was declared a "Milestone," by the Swedish photographer and his dining companion, a Swedish restaurant critic, seated at the table next to us..  "The dish took ten years to create!" they exclaimed while raising their wine glasses to the Chef! 
  It is a potato puree in a potato cube that is crisp on the outside and creamy on the inside.  The sauce is an amazing au jus with strong undertones of celery.  Everyone declare this course AMAZING!

Course Eight, scallops with a mango, lemmongrass, and coconut sauce--very Asian.

Course Nine, a melt-in-your-mouth sparerib with a singular extremely  large french fry.  The barbeque sauce was out of this world!

Course Ten, venison with roasted chicory and aubergine.

Course Eleven, filet with silver and gold coated vegetablle.

Course Twelve, a stilton cheese and a pear mousse. I love this combination with a strong white wine, so another glass was poured.

My husband, a very plain eater, leans back for a gastronomic rest--but wait,.....! A la mah! There is more yet to come.

Course Thirteen, is with out a doubt, the single most fascinating dish to ever hit MY tastebuds.  This lemon, the Chef assured me, has been soaking in water for 10 days so that the peel is now fully edible.  What is inside is a crisp, cold, lemon sorbet and it is covered with a Champagne sauce.  A shortbread cookie accompanies this spectacular dish. 
 If you go to the Uberfahrt for this dish only, you will NOT be disappointed!

Chef Christian Juergens visits our table before the dessert courses begin.  His rise to fame has put this establishment on the culinary map and foodies the world over have come to experience what can only be said to be the very finest of Bavarian fare.
Bring on the desserts, Chef!

These are small, hand made leaves so that each leaf has a different fruit flavor; strawberry, orange, .  The bark is sinfully dark chocolate.

This dessert is truly Bavarian in it's presentation-- designed to look like the two most popular biergarten accompanyments--sausage and chees.  It is served on a wooden plank on a bed of grass.   But au contrair, mon frere.  The sausage is really a walnut chocolate brownie that is so rich, a small slice is all one can manage to eat especially after what came before.  The blue cheese?  It was a light and airy chiffon cream .  Delicious!

I surrendered well before this creation. So, from this point on,  I think I'll just let the photos do the talking.  Since I could not eat another bite ( I know!  Who knew?), I cannot comment on the taste, nor the ingredients of the following creations.  But take my word for it...they were divine!  After all, pictures don't lie, do they?


I don't know about you, all of these photos I took of food that day has me hungry.  I'm headed to the kitchen for some fat-free, sugar-free, no carb tonic water with a splash of lemon and a jigger of Gin!



honeypiehorse said...

Wow, amazing food. Tegernsee is gorgeous.

Expats Again said...

We had this meal a week ago, and I'm still full. I would love to see it in summer and ride our bikes there. I saw a lot of outdoor tables, so it must be lovely in the summer. Maybe I'll get the hubby to stay the weekend.In this cold weather, it sounds dreamy...

Laura said...

Wow, all I can say is WOW! Wish I was at this meal!