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Monday, June 8, 2009

Sky High in Switzerland

Our trip from Munich to Switzerland took us to Altdorf (on the right and also the home of William Tell) through the Klaussenpass, on of the highest peaks and passes in the Swiss Alps.

A German and an Aussie up in the Swiss Alps! Both of the guys humored me and allowed me to take this photo of the wearing a hat I can only say I've seen on the yodelers on Ricola commercials. They seem happy enough in spite of my demands!

This is what you find at the top of Klaussenpass; a tiny chapel. No doubt a place of great joy when your realize you've made it to the top~

According to legend, the border between Glarus and Uri was drawn in 1315, after long disagreements. The two cantons agreed that at first cockcrow, two runners would start from Altdorf and Linthal, respectively, and the border would be where they met. The people of Glarus decided to feed their cock well, so that it might be sympathetic to their cause, while the people of Uri gave theirs nothing to eat at all. The result was that the Glarus cock overslept, while the Uri one, driven by hunger, crowed exceptionally early, and the runner of Uri crossed the entire Urnerboden before the Glarus runner even set out. On the pleading of the Glarus runner, the man of Uri agreed to let him carry him back uphill as far as he could, and the present border between Uri and Glarus is where the Glarus runner fell dead.

Jaci on the left, Steve in the middle, and Fred on the right. They were meandering around the waterfall and stretching their legs after a long car journey.

We were greeted to the Alps by a cow and once we were near the summit, this dog introduced us to the peaks of the mountain range. He was walking with his owner and carrying her basket and I just couldn't resist taking his photo.

Here is a church and a few homes that were dotted throughout the valleys. Once we reached Klaussenpass we were told we were at a height of 6,400 feet! Now that was remarkable and the hairpin turns were ghastly and no one wanted to look down. But the most amazing thing was that people were making that trip up the mountain range on their bicycles. Now, Steve has a new goal

More scenery of the Alps. this photo was taken at about 3,000 feet so you can imagine there was a lot more down below.

We were told that the road we were on was just opened about ten days before we got there. The ice caps on the Alps are melting and the water falls were in full force. I'm glad we went when we did.

Here are some Swiss Lads playing football (ok, soccer). Look how the two on the left are posing for the camera, what a hoot!

Last, I want to share this video with you.
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