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I am married to the love of my life and am finally able to shower him with all of the attention he deserves. I am now retired and living the life here in Europe. I am an American, he is an Australian, and this is our second overseas address. The first was Shanghai, China and now Munich, Germany. Come along and live the life with us as we continue our adventure of discovering all Europe has to offer.

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Monday, August 29, 2011


There are days, such as today, when I have to keep pinching myself to see if it isn't all a dream.  Small Bavarian villages, Alpine lakes, clouds that appear to be floating through the sky suspended in air with invisible strings and a crisp blue sky enchants me once again .  Today was such a day; unreal as if the true perfect balance of nature conspired together to create a day so gentle and pure that it defied the imagination.  Today was a day that I wish could have gone on forever.  It was really that good.

We are fortunate to live within 15 minutes of Starnberg lake and 30 minutes from the Ammersee (Ammer lake). If you look closely at the photo I took of these sail boats idly floating on the calm surface of the water, you will see the Alps in the background.  On this day, they are nearly blue on the horizon.  Depending on the weather they can appear gray, blue, and even purple.

The weather was gorgeous so we took a stroll along the shore admiring the German architecture until our thirst got the better of us.  A small cafe suited our needs and the husband decided to do an iced coffee that looked mighty tasty.

I stuck with my usual, and Apfelschole (apple juice with spritzer water.)  Since it was so beautiful outside, we chose a small biergarten nearby.

Of course, we could have went rowing or kayaking, took the ferry to the other side of the lake to Herrsching or played miniature golf.  Instead, we chose to soak in the afternoon sun and people watch.  We were not alone.   Nearly every available park bench on the promenade was taken.

Bikes, strollers, skateboards, and rollerblades made their way past us as we took in the sights and just chilled.  People of all ages and ethnic backgrounds passed before us.  Most everyone was keen on taking the ferry to the other side of the lake.

We chose to while away the hours with the beautiful lake in front of us and gardens like the one above, behind us.  Bavaria has so much natural beauty to offer.  I still pinch myself from time to time to check that I'm really here and living so close to nature.  It has surpassed all of my dreams.

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skoots1mom said...

thanks for the wonderful get away!