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Monday, September 6, 2010


Tennis Club on Herrsching's Ammersee (Lake)

Weekends often have us out exploring the furthest reaches of our city, Munich.  Every new destination has hidden gems and we are overcome with delight when we discover something for the first time.  I'm hard pressed to carry my camera with me all of the time because I know that just around the next bend there will be a perfect photo opportunity for me.  Such was the case this past weekend when we decided to head off to Herrsching, a town about 20 southwest of Munich.

The decorated tower above was in Herrsching, next to the stream that feeds into the Ammersee (lake).  Although I'm fairly certain it is not used today, I had to marvel at the decorative painting that was used to flank the doors and stretch around the tower.

A group of musicians appeared in the midst of a sea of people out enjoying the afternoon sun after eating and drinking lakeside in the local beergarden.  This happens quite spontaneusly as long as the weather permits.  Sunday afternoon concerts at the beergarden are casual, joyous occassions for people of every age.

Children in awe of the instruments and musicians

The Bavarian garden was full of people enjoying the afternoon sun (and beer).
Beauty of the Ammersea

We couldn't take our eyes off the lake this past Sunday.  It was as if summer was holding tight and defiantly expressing her glory.  Autumn is quick to replace her and instead of lush greenery, soon we will have burnt orange leaves crunching at our feet.  It was her one last gasp that we didn't want to miss, and perhaps we didn't.

Many people spent time at the biergarten waiting for the ferry to arrive to take them to the other side of the Ammersee.   But it's not always just people that come to enjoy the day here.  This fellow had a wonderful time by the waters edge.

And these lucky fellows get to spend all of their time on the Ammersee!

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Kristin said...

I want to be in that biergarden!!! Too fun! The only other girl in my Spanish class is from Munich (although she's lived in NYC for the past 10 years). I'll have to ask her about this place!