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Saturday, July 11, 2009


bicycle girlImage by mikomaya via Flickr


Imagine a bicycle similar to this one, and imagine me on the bicycle.

A man-made lake in Keukenhof, NetherlandsImage via Wikipedia

Imagine biking around a lake as lovely as thisone on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Imagine a tree similar to this one.

musician under a tree near john lennon imagine...Image by indieink via Flickr

Now, imagine what happens when a bike and a tree collide!

PurniaImage via Wikipedia

Now imagine a wooden bridge over that body of water; a bridge that I never cycle over because I have hit the tree and now am falling over the side of the bridge into the lake water below..

Now, picture in your mind's eye, my husband, (instead of this woman) peering over the side of the bridge and watching his wife, in seemingly slow motion, tumble over the rocky shore, landing face first in the water as he sees her mangled body and her mangled bike submerge into the lake.

Looking over bridgeImage by Jonathan D. Blundell via Flickr

Tree, bridge, husband, bicycle, and wife are all doing fine. Wife is getting lessons on how to avoid accidents of this sort ever again. Otherwise, wife is certain that the bicycle will be the cause of her untimely death.....

a submerged bikeImage by hakkaku via Flickr

Bike Accident, 2005Image by Foxtongue via Flickr

I see you've got the picture!

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