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I am married to the love of my life and am finally able to shower him with all of the attention he deserves. I am now retired and living the life here in Europe. I am an American, he is an Australian, and this is our second overseas address. The first was Shanghai, China and now Munich, Germany. Come along and live the life with us as we continue our adventure of discovering all Europe has to offer.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Strolling With Steve

This is the ancient summer residence of royalty in Bavaria called the Nymphenburg Palace. According to my husband, it is also within walking distance of our new home in Munich. Out today for a brisk stroll, Steve happened upon this landmark palace just a bit over a mile from our residence. Our place has a walking path next to it and it follows the river Wurm. Steve decided to see where it led and was overjoyed to find such a marvelous and historical destination.
Aside from his stroll, he researched washer and dryers for me and emailed me the specs of two popular models. As our washer and dryer must go in the bathroom, I'm thinking of getting one machine like we had in Shanghai that both washes & dries. There's no room for a side by side and stackables would take up too much space.
Steve has also done some preliminary looks at a few cars. So far he hasn't mentioned any specific model. I only have one request when it comes to autos; it must have GPS. As all of the German street names are about five syllables long, I can't imagine making my way through the city without it.
Steve's off to Milan this week to work at a factory there. Thank goodness we can Skype because this is week five that he has been gone and I am missing him terribly. In just a few weeks we can make that stroll down the path to Nymphenburg Palace together. Now that is worth waiting for!

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